Rory Eve, Ryder Amelia

it has begun

The past week has been interesting around here. When I say interesting I, of course, mean crazy/makes me want to drink things baptists aren’t supposed to drink/manic/insane.

You see, Ryder has decided she no longer wants me to EVER put her down. Not even for a second. And if I dare touch another person besides her, she has a MAJOR MELTDOWN.

Its been quite stressful.

And then today my precious, sweet, teeny tiny baby did something that shocked the heck out of me. She threw a royal temper tantrum… so much so I thought she was going to hurt herself.

Here’s what happened:

Ryder woke up from her nap and was as happy as could be since she had me all to herself. Then Rory woke up and she came straight to me for some hardcore snuggling like she does every day after nap. So there I am with my arms open (still holding Ryder on one side, mind you) and Rory jumps up in the couch for our blissful snuggle time. That’s when it happened, folks. Ryder broke out into a ENORMOUS FIT OF RAGE because I was holding her and proceeded to claw at Rory’s face, pull her hair, and yank her paci out. She was being downright mean. She then started screaming so hard I seriously thought she was going to pass out.

I was so shocked. My sweet tiny baby surely isn’t old enough to throw those kind of fits! But then I realized, she may be tiny but she’s much older than she looks. I started thinking about Rory at this age and I remembered she got her first “spat” on the hand at almost nine months old (Ryder’s age now) for playing with a electric socket.

I guess because Ryder has zero interest in crawling and Rory was EVERYWHERE at 5 months I forget. Well, she is acting her age on at least one level.

So it begins, the sibling rivalry and jealousy, the temper tantrums, and being mean to one another.

I’m just glad they are still sweet to each other some of the time!


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3 thoughts on “it has begun

  1. Definitely time for a some little hands to be spatted! Don’t feel bad for doing it, Momma! She’ll probably be soft-hearted and will melt into a puddle when you do.

  2. Caden has JUST started doing the same thing. If I pull something away from him that he wants = total temper tantrum. And if he sees me and I’m not holding him AT ALL TIMES – it’s a disaster and he starts crying and panicking. Sigh. I’m grateful, and tired 🙂

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