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is this week over yet?!

Its Andy’s annual outage this week. Single motherhood is hard. Andy’s job is hard. Its a hard week in the Harris house.

The first year it fell on my birthday. Last year his outage fell on our 5th anniversary and my birthday. This year it falls on my first Mother’s Day. Sigh. Can’t they schedule it sometime without a holiday being involved?! Oh well. I’m just ready for next Friday when its all over and Andy has the day off!

So you know when your camera starts blinking at you with that angry red bar saying that the battery is dying? Well it means it. Here’s an example of how I know this…

On Tuesday I put Rory on her back on a blanket on the couch after she fell asleep. I went into the next room to wash bottles (bad mother) and when I came back she was on her stomach looking around like “what’s going on in here?!”. This means she rolled from her back to her stomach for the first time and scared me to death.

Well! She started doing it again yesterday so I grab my camera so excited to capture it!

and the camera dies….

So I didn’t get the whole thing. Depressing.

Of course I can’t find batteries anywhere in the house even though I know for a fact I’ve bought (and lost) several packs of them.

Here’s the other problem with this week. Baby girl has her days and nights mixed up. I shouldn’t complain because this is the first time in her life that we’ve had this problem. In fact, for three weeks she slept the entire night every night. Its just a bad week to do this. This morning she woke up at 1 and played until 2. Then she woke up at 4:30 and went back to sleep around 6:30. She was SO HAPPY. Now she’s peacefully sleeping, of course.

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