I’m waaaatching you…

Today the teachers got their school pictures back. I’ve always wondered what adults do with their pictures.

And then it came to me.

The ultimate plan to scare my husband.

Put myself everywhere.

When he goes to make his coffee in the morning…

I am there.

When he goes to the fridge to make his lunch…

I am there.

When he goes to watch TV when he gets off work…

I am still there.

When he goes to use the computer…

I am there.

When he goes to get dessert…

yep, still there!

When he wants to play PS3…

I can nag him without saying a word.

When he goes to brush his teeth…

he will also know to floss by my smiling reflection.

And of course,

when he lays his head down to sleep

I will still be there.

The last thing he sees will be my smiling face amongst the poinsettias.

Creepy, is it not?!

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7 thoughts on “I’m waaaatching you…

  1. That’s awesome! I’m curious why they made you take the pictures with such large flowers. It seems like it could be a picture from the 80s or something. Great idea, for sure!

  2. Love it! My Mom and sister always try to sneak their pictures on my keychain or in my wallet. And I get random notes stuffed full of their pictures 🙂

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