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I’m Three Months Old!

Man, this has been a crazy month! From taking that LONG trip to Florida, mommy’s surgery and Mimi and Aunt Brenda coming, Dad’s annual outage, and my ER trip… whew! Its been a long month!

Today Mommy made me take pictures but I just wasn’t in the mood. She tried several times, but I’m just not in the mood to smile at the camera really- its getting on my nerves flashing at me! I had to go to the doctor to check on my boo boo on my head and I am just tired after all of that! Mom managed to get a few smiles/half smiles out of me though. She’s just too funny!

Once again Mommy had to put me in a dressy and casual outfit!

So tired, and so over it.

Don’t you like my little dress? I sure did! Dresses are my favorite because I don’t get hot in them!

Fine, I’ll sorta smile. Are you happy now??!!

Maybe if I start ignoring her she’ll stop taking my picture.

This is my “ooooo” face. I love to talk back to Daddy and Mommy.

Okay. I’m going to roll over away from her so she will for real stop with the pictures.

I weigh 12 lbs 14 oz! The doctor said I’m advanced for my age as far as holding my head up and turning over. I sure did show out for him today at my appointment!

Here’s a list of things I’m doing now that I’m three months old!

  • Sleeping through the night! And I have a really great day schedule of two long naps. I love having a schedule!
  • Boy am I teething! I just suck on my hands all the time and try to put everything in my mouth to chew on. I love my chew toys!
  • “Talking”! When Mommy sings to me I “sing” back to her and when Daddy talks to me I “talk” back. They think I’m saying “I love you” but really I’m saying things like “I’m hungry” or “you got  a booger, did you know that?” or “something stinks”. Hehe! Don’t tell them though!
  • I love “kissing”. Mommy and Daddy will turn their cheek and I’ll lean in for a big ole wet open mouth kiss on their cheek! I also “kiss” Jackson and Jersey!
  • I’m eating cereal out of a spoon! Mom is going to post a video and pictures of that tomorrow. I love rice cereal, I only wish it wouldn’t take so long between bites!
  • I can roll over from my back to my side and sometimes from back to stomach. I’m getting really good at this!

See y’all next month! 🙂

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