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I’m SIX months old!

Oh my word, can you believe it?! I’m six months old! I told Mommy she better start planning my first birthday party STAT!

This is what I looked like at one month until now- can you believe how I’ve grown?!

Mom tried for DAYS to take my picture to get some really great smiley ones. She got some, but I wasn’t giving a whole lot of smiles out for that darn flashy thing.

Now let me tell you something… I’m kinda annoyed with having my picture taken. That dang thing flashes and beeps at me constantly. And what’s with the bright orange light that is constantly shining in my face?!

Mommy got a whole lot of pictures of me not smiling though, and some of them are super cute too. Mommy and Daddy laughed and laughed over these pictures where I refused to look at the camera. Hey- when a girl’s tired of the paparazzi, she’s just tired, okay?!

This is ridiculous. Don’t you know its 100 degrees out here?!

Whatever you do…

don’t make…

eye contact…

with camera.

chewing on my dress is way more fun

ooo… I almost got it…

Yes, got it!

maybe she won’t notice me sticking my tongue out at her if I bend my head down…

I think this torture is almost over now…

Let me tell you what I’m up to these days…

  • I weigh 18 lbs!
  • Eating 7 ounce bottles and eating three food meals a day. I like everything, but veggies are what I like best. Green beans, sweet peas, and carrots are my favorite veggies.
  • Wearing a size 2 diaper, but I’m going to go up a size soon!
  • I wear 3-6 months clothing, but I still have some 0-3 stuff I can wear.
  • I really like when Mom gives me a sippy cup but she can’t take it away from me once she does so its rare that I get it. Pear juice is my favorite!
  • I still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I also like Phineas and Ferb. Mommy only lets me watch one show a day while she cleans though.
  • Jackson and Jersey make me laugh more than anything. I’m starting to pull their hair, though, and Mommy always says, “no no,” when I do.
  • I take two long naps a day (about an hour and a half to two hours)- one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Mommy says she loves this new schedule.
  • I go to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 usually and sleep until about 7 in the morning.
  • My new thing is to squeal as loud as I can. After I found out how loud I could do it, I realized how fun it was! Jackson goes crazy over it and I laugh and laugh when he barks back at me.

Well, thats all I’ve got for now. Check back next month when I’m seven months old! I’m going to work on crawling between now and then. Maybe I’ll be able to tell y’all that I’m an expert crawler then!

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