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I am such a big girl now!

Its hard to believe that I’m ONE! This year has just flown by!

Mommy and Daddy took my one year old pictures outside when the weather was nice one day. Its been so cold and snowy lately! It snowed a lot while Mommy was in the hospital having me, too- maybe it’ll snow every year for my birthday!

I’m still “The Stinker” to my parents. I love to get into everything and get into trouble! My new favorite thing is to say “uh oh” whenever I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing because its cute and Mommy and Daddy always laugh.

I’ve had so much fun this year growing and learning so many new things! I can’t wait to see how much fun my second year is! I’m going to have a little sister this year, so I know I can get into lots of trouble with her.

So what’s going on with me at one year old?!

-I drink three cups of milk a day and two cups of water or juice.

– I eat all kinds of table foods! Fruit and veggies are still my favorite. I’m not really a big meat eater. I love Mac and Cheese, spaghetti, and ravioli. I LOVE graham crackers.

-I wear a size 4 diaper.

– Most of my clothes are 12 months now, but I can still fit into my 6-9 months clothes.

-I weigh 20.5 lbs.

– I wear a size 4 shoe.

– I am a walking fool. I’m almost running a lot of the time!

– I say lots of words: Dadd-Y, Momm-Y, dog, duck, yeap/yeah, baby, bye bye, uh oh, potato, Papa, no.

-I am also starting to put words together like: “no no Mommy/Daddy” (ha), “bye bye Mommy/Daddy”, “no no, uh oh!”, etc

– When asked, “what does the cow say?” I respond “mmmmmmmmm”… I’m getting the hang of it! And I also say “woo woo” for “what does a dog say?”.

Thank you all for making my first year so much fun! I’m sure Mommy and I will be updating you regularly still about how/what I’m doing!


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5 thoughts on “I’M ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RORY! I hope you have a wonderful day. You have been a year long joy to watch grow and learn. I love your blog. Can’t wait to see you and Ryder grow up together! Love you, Aunt B

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Rory, I am so glad your mom has shared all your experiences with us ( she is so smart) . My favorite is the “p-tat-toe” I love you!!!

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