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I’m One Month Old!

Can you believe I’m one month old?! Mommy keeps telling Daddy she can’t believe it! Doesn’t seem like a month to me either- I’ve done a lot of sleeping through everything!

Today Mommy got me all dressed up (with nowhere to go, might I add!) and took my pictures. She’s so funny because she put on a “casual” outfit and a “dressy” one. She also kept saying funny things like “smile with your eyes, Rory!”… like I know what THAT means! She makes funny noises when she wants me to smile but I don’t fall for that!

This is me in my casual outfit. Notice how its getting a little too small- thats because its a Newborn size and I can barely fit in those anymore!

Mommy forgot to put in a bow, but I was getting angry so she gave me my paci to make me feel better.

And now for the “dressy” outfit. I loved kicking around in this dress. Its a 0-3 month size and fits so good! Mom says that I’m her “chunky monkey”. It doesn’t hurt my feelings because Mom and Dad say chubby babies are the cutest!

Here’s me hanging out with my friends. My Papa gave me this bunny when he came to meet me for the first time. The Bear is from my Grandma and Grandpa. I love my stuffed animal friends! (sorry I’m a little cross-eyed, I’m still learning to focus)

I’m still a good baby, if I do say so myself! I sleep pretty good for Mom and Dad and I’m on a good schedule. I’m eating more and more so that I can grow big and strong. I love my swing, but I get really mad when the music goes off! I also LOVE taking walks outside with Mom during the day! I look forward to the weekend all week long so that I can have lots of time with Dad!

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13 thoughts on “I’m One Month Old!

  1. Ok, Tiff, I cried when I read your blog. Helllo hormones. Give that bundle of beauty and sass (or is it her mom’s sass?) a hug and kiss from us 🙂 Love y’all.

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