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I’m going down!

I feel as though the last two weeks have been a complete blur. 

And I currently cannot move I am so sore from ALL THE STAIRS.

Last week I ended up having to go to the doctor for a hangnail.

I know. I KNOW. So random. So gross. So embarrassing. So frustrating because I NEVER go to the doctor so it has to be bad.

Well, they had to cut it open. He says that first he’s going to spray it with a freeze thing and then cut it. 

Y’all. I could not have been prepared for the pain. 

The freeze part was probably the worst. And then when he cut I couldn’t handle life anymore.

So much so that when it happened I said, “oh crap! Everything is black! I think I’m passing out! I’m going down!” 

And out I went. OUT LIKE A LIGHT.

Unfortunately I passed out 2 more times that day from pain. No joke. Blood and all that doesn’t bother me. It was from sheer pain.

I told the doctor that I would rather be having a baby than doing that. Ha!

So the pain and misery of that lasted way longer than I wanted but I seem to have healed up fine.

Except my ego is still bruised from waking up to nurses and the doctor laughing hysterically over my proclamation of, “I’m going down!”

As you know, we closed on our house Monday. And we have been overwhelmed with the moving process all week. 

The only downside to our home is that the garage is in the basement. So you can imagine the stairs involved to get up to the girls’ room upstairs. My butt muscles are ragey right now. Not a sentence I thought I’d ever type. 

I also bought so much paint to paint all the rooms in the entire house. And I’ve painted Rory’s room and am thinking the beige/brown color is looking better and better in some of the other rooms. 

The poor children are so tired of going here and there and back and forth. Rory has informed me she doesn’t want to leave the house for “a hundred days”. I don’t either.

Of course, she said she would be willing to leave for Disney World. 

Today I woke up to the realization that we had not even begun to touch the ENTIRE STORAGE UNIT FULL OF BOXES AND FURNITURE. I literally almost wept. 

Instead, I got on groupon and hired movers. Then I called Andy and informed him of my actions. 

I feel like, in this case, asking for forgiveness will come easy when he realizes what I’m saving him from. Because if my glutes are ragey, Andy’s are sure hating him in the worst of ways. He has moved 3/4 of the apartment alone. All of this moving has been done after his long work days too. He is an incredible man. Tired, incredible man.

But sometimes he is also cheap and I am not. Therefore I will hire the movers and he will end up loving me more for saving him the time and trouble.

The end.

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