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I’m back!

Well, it seems as though I’ve taken an unexpected blog break. Honestly, I haven’t had the energy to use my brain enough to put a post together since last week.

Not to mention that I’ve had some major technical difficulties the past couple of days.

So, you’re in for a giant post now.

You’re welcome, Mom.

Since I last bored you with every detail of our life talked to you, we’ve been on playdates, threw baby showers, had a lot of family time, been embarrassed at the WalMart, and went to the doctor.

First up for discussion, playdates.

Last Wednesday, my friend Misty invited us over for a playdate. We let the kids play in the water and they had a blast. Well, all but Ryder anyway. The kids are all older than Rory by a year or two but she fits right in and thinks she’s their size and its so cute. (PS I was going to blog about this last week, but my friend Kayla never blogged about it and therefore I had no pictures because I left my camera at home that day. So really its her fault for my blog break!)

One of the bigger kids that was there brought a frisbee from home and all the kids eyed it all day. Well he sat it down for a minute, so Rory sprung at the opportunity to play with it!

He was not too keen on her plan of sharing and decided to get it back. Well, Miss Little Rory is quite the determined two-year-old and put up a major fight against this six year old. In fact, she almost won! Look at the look of determination in her eyes! ha!

Ryder, on the other hand, hated pretty much the entire playdate.

She hated getting lotion on and being outside in general.

She wasn’t really a fan of her hat.

She was absolutely furious when I put her in the pool.

Needless to say, I think Rory is our tomboy and Ryder’s going to be our girly girl.

At least one of them had fun!

This weekend I helped throw a shower for a sweet friend of mine, Stephanie! It was so much fun! We have been praying for her and John to have a baby for as long as we’ve known them (about two years!) and are so thankful God has answered our prayers! They are going to be wonderful parents!

On Sunday I tried to get pictures of the girls in their cute dresses before church but they were not having it.

So I decided to get just Ryder. Well, she wasn’t into either and just kept pointing that little finger and me and shaking it at me. Little stinker.

On Monday morning we had another playdate at my friend, Angela’s, house! She had all the supplies for us to make homemade sidewalk paint and Rory had so much fun! They also played in the sand and did a bunch of fun stuff. I somehow lost the pictures on my camera of them painting the sidewalk ? who knows what happened.

Ryder DID enjoy this playdate! I put her in Angela’s wagon and she played in there and had a blast the entire time! She relaxed and played and was so cute.

So I’m definitely getting a wagon as soon as I can!

Today I took Rory to the doctor to see what to do about our sleep… or actually our no sleep. So we have a plan of action and hopefully it’ll work!

She was a sweetheart today for sure. She pointed out every letter for Dr. Cutrell today and sang lots of songs.

Oh, and didn’t even call anyone out for tooting which was a first!

My friend Lori kept Ryder while I was at the doctor forever and I’m so thankful for her! I’ve been so blessed with great friends in Paris and I don’t know what I’d do without them!

Happy Wednesday!

PS: Check back tomorrow for a giveaway!



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