Rory Eve

I’m a big girl now!

Lately its just become inevitable that I’m having to accept that Rory is no longer a true baby. She is doing so many things that toddlers and big girls do… and its breaking my heart a little!

All of the pictures for today are from my phone, sorry. Its just the most convenient thing when I’m chasing her around.

On Saturday we celebrated my birthday which was actually last Thursday. Andy worked all day Thursday and I spent all day Thursday miserable with contractions. So we pretended it was my birthday all day Saturday instead! ha! Rory ate some of Mommy’s birthday cake… but she would only eat it with a fork.

She LOVES her fork. In fact, she won’t eat a meal without it. A lot of the time she gives up within a minute and tears into her food with her hands, but sometimes she’s much more picky and exact about it.

We let her eat from the table in her booster chair for the first time this weekend too. She thought it was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her.

Yesterday was finally her well-baby appointment! She weighs 22.04 lbs and is 31 inches long! We’ve hit the 22 lb mark and are sticking! ha! Rory talked the doctor’s ear off and showed out big time.

Before we left the house I got an outfit out for her to wear and asked, “do you want to wear this?”, and I was not expecting an actual response. Girlfriend said “noooo” and pulled out a dress and handed it to me. How is she big enough to have an opinion?!

Once we got home she went straight to her room and opened her shoe/accessory drawer. She proceeded to pull out one of every pair of shoes she owns and come make me put it on her. Never did they match. She did this ALL. DAY. LONG. ha!

She also wanted to wear some accessories and I had to put on several hats, sunglasses, hairbows, etc.

Another “big girl” thing she is doing is closing her bedroom door. If I go and peek on her while she’s playing in her room she will get up from playing and come to the door and say “noooo” and then shut it. I feel like I’m flashing forward to her teenage years already!

Well yesterday I heard her quietly shut the door so I went to take a peek. This is what I found…

Rory had moved her little playhouse over next to her bed and was trying to climb into her crib. She is too smart. I’m going to have to lock Ryder’s room when she’s in the crib so Rory can’t get to her. ha!

And if this next picture doesn’t convince you (and me) of baby girl growing up too fast, I don’t know what will…

Rory absolutely LOVES brushing her teeth. Last night she climbed up on the stool and so I brushed her teeth for her for a minute and then let her have at it. She would have stood up there all night if we had let her.

How is it that she’s that big?!!!!!! And when Ryder gets here she’s going to seem 100 times bigger to me!


And now I have a question for all of you! I’m wanting to do something special for Rory when Ryder comes. I think I’m going to get her a gift from Ryder or something like that. Do any of you have suggestions on what to get or how to handle the whole introducing your little sister thing?! Its going to be SOON and I want to go ahead and get the gift or whatever. Please help me out!



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8 thoughts on “I’m a big girl now!

  1. OH my goodness she does seem so much “older”. I love the putting on her shoes and accessories. I don’t Tif, bringing home a new baby is going to be special, it will take all of her attention for a few days. She will think it is hers. I can’t wait!!

  2. The books by Kevin Henkes are very cute. Look for “Julius, the Baby of the World”. Also, Rory might like a big girl ring or bracelet.

  3. We got Will 2 small gifts “from Thomas” and gave them to him the 2 days he visited us at the hospital. He liked opening the presents and it gave him a new distraction while everyone was oohing over Thomas. But probably the best thing I did with Will was about a week and a half after T was born, Will’s behavior was out of control – acting out. So I handed Thomas off to my MIL and fixed Will lunch and we ate just the 2 of us an then we played whatever Will wanted for about an hour. His behavior improved dramatically! Rory is going to miss you and you will miss her – it’s a weird feeling. But soon enough you’ll adjust and having 2 will be normal for everybody šŸ™‚

  4. Rory,
    So happy to see you at your very first Mississippi State Alumni meeting at the 24th ST. CAFE in Paris, TX.
    Go Dawgs!!!

  5. Rory,
    So happy to see you at your very first Mississippi State Alumni meeting at the 24th ST. CAFE in Paris, TX.
    Go Dawgs!!!

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