Rory Eve, Ryder Amelia

ignorance is bliss???

Have you ever known something but thought, “if I say it out loud it will for sure be true”, so you just ignore that you know what you know?

Pretty sure that didn’t make much sense.

What I mean is…

I’ve known since Ryder’s one week birthday that something was up. Around 5 o’clock on the dot every single night Ryder would start crying/screaming and it would last for quite a while. I tried all sorts of things to help. I googled. A lot.

And of course I knew that she had colic. But I was too afraid to say it out loud because then it’d be true.

Silly, I know. But we aren’t getting much sleep (at all) and I was hoping my method would make it go away.

It didn’t.

I know what you are thinking- how could THIS sweet face be such a heifer at night?!

Oh but she is.

Yes, I’m talking about you… don’t look so shocked!

But even so, I still just love her so much.

It does help that she’s cute, too.

So I’ve been ‘wearing’ the baby a lot.

She really likes to be held close and it definitely helps me to be hands free.

Because my other heifer child would NEVER do things like this…

or this…

or destroy her room like this (at 5 am by the way)…

Maybe we should lay off the caffeine for her?!

(FYI: She did not drink the mello yello- though she tried. I may not have a complete college edumacation but I can assure you I’m not that dumb.)

Have a great Wednesday!


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3 thoughts on “ignorance is bliss???

  1. Telena had it about that time every day! Have you called your ped. ? Rory is such a little mess! Two cuties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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