Everyday Life, Rory Eve

I don’t do much.

I get asked a WHOLE lot, “what do you do all day?”, especially from my working mom friends.

To which I reply:





Apparently stay at home moms are such a mystery.

So let me divulge a little, if you will.

After being up all night (every night…) despite all my efforts to make those heifer children sleep, I wake up bright and early (meaning if I get to sleep until 6 it is a true miracle) every single morning. Now, my children are not like most people and wake up slowly and want to snuggle or be lazy.


My children bound out of bed ready to embrace the day.

And for some reason they expect me not to hold a grudge for keeping me up all night.

Selfish turds.

So I have to wake up as happy as they are and pretend I got a full 8 hours of sleep.

The rest of the day consists of me cleaning up messes… and there are A LOT OF MESSES… over and over and over again.

I also have to feed them, bathe them, and make sure they don’t kill eachother or themselves all day long.

Not to mention trying to do “school” on the days they are home which consists of Rory writing her name 10939843 times and a fun activity to help get their creativity/imagination going.

I also have a couple of side “jobs” that I have deadlines for, the blog, oh and a husband to keep fed/happy.

So yeah. I don’t do much.

Rory is on spring break this week so yesterday we dropped Ryder off at school (and both children, but especially Rory cried a lot about this arrangement) and went to Florence to have a Rory Fun Day!

The whole purpose of our trip was to go to the children’s museum, but once we got there I found out IT IS CLOSED ON TUESDAYS.

I mean, really… I have the worst luck ever.

So, on to Target we went. Rory LOVED shopping with me because I didn’t get a cart and just let her walk beside me. She ran from one object to another saying, “Mommy, let me show you something!” or “Want to see something new, Mommy?”.

It was so cute.

Until she came running at me with the tiniest and most outrageously leopard printed bra EVER MADE and said, “Look Mommy! It is just your size and soooo pretty!”.

I quickly shushed her and put the clearly non-support item back and turned around to find a young couple and a pair of old lady friends laughing hysterically.

Such is my life.

I should totes have a reality show.

We then went to Chili’s to eat a little lunch together and Rory was so funny. I let her sit across from me in the booth by herself and after a minute she said, “Momma, I don’t like being so far away from you!” and came over to my side. She really is such a sweetie.


After lunch, I took Rory to a movie. She was SO CUTE in the movie. We got there and got popcorn and drinks and went to find our seat. (We were the only ones in there until right when the movie started.) Rory walked in and looked around and just kept saying, “oh wow, this fee-ater SO BIG”. She just had the best time. And much to my surprise, she sat and watched the entire movie. She also ate an entire bag of popcorn all by herself. ha!


I had such a fun day with that little stinker. It also reminds me that life is SO MUCH EASIER with just one kid. haha!

But dang, I wouldn’t trade stinker #1 or stinker #2 for anything in the world.

Especially when they pick me flowers and giggle the whole way to hand it to me.


Happy Wednesday!

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5 thoughts on “I don’t do much.

  1. You forgot to add loads and loads of laundry to your list, nurse, taxi driver, counselor, and a hundred more things. Ignore them they have no idea

  2. I actually do WORK from home, you know, besides having my own heffa here all day, too. AND I still have days were I’m like FORGET IT! And we do nothing, all day. I say those are my “cleaning out” the DVR days! Hahahaha!

    Then I have days like today where I feel productive and get projects done for work and home, AND have time to do “learning time” with Em, and cook, and do laundry. I still don’t know where I get the time to do all that!

  3. Rory looks exactly like you! I dont know why that.sounds dumb since you’re her mom but we say it all the time to people Lol. It’s a busy life but what.a.blessing.

  4. I’ve been a Stay-at-Home Mom and now a Full-Time-Working Mom. Staying at home with two little ones ALL DAY is by far much more difficult, but much more rewarding! I wouldn’t trade those memories at home with them for anything.

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