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humiliated and snow days.

Mother, father… if you are reading this you may want to just skip over until you see snow pictures.

So yesterday I filmed my Ipsy Bag review and then had to run out to meet Andy for lunch.

After we got home there was a knock on my door from the maintenance people. They needed to check the windows and spray for bugs.

I let them in and followed them into our room because I needed to make sure there was no underwear lying around anywhere.

I noticed their eyebrows going to the ceiling and caught them glancing at each other like… WHAT DID WE JUST WALK IN ON?!


Then it hit me….


and I’m not talking about the G rated kind…..

I scrambled to find words to explain that I was filming a review….. it just seemed like I was lying. I WAS SO HUMILIATED I COULD HAVE DUG A HOLE AND DIED IN THERE.

You should have seen their faces. I know they are still laughing about it. Those perves.

Speaking of perve…. Andy and I watched this clip from our local news approximately 22 more times than necessary because of the accidental filming of the word “sex” they kept showing. WE ARE MIDDLE SCHOOLERS AND SO MATURE.




Last night it started snowing and it didn’t stop until this morning. The snow is GORGEOUS.


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this type of snow before. Its not icy or wet which I’m used to coming from west TN. you can roll it and create the perfect snowmen easily. We have had the absolute best day playing in it. We have the hugest hill ever and we conquered it today. Andy was skeptical and thought it couldn’t be done. He hasn’t met me now has he?! Ha!

Unfortunately, I didn’t anticipate the speed at which I would fly down the hill. I barreled down that hill so fast I was seriously afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop before the drop off at the bottom. It was a successful day of sledding though if you accessed the damage. Rory busted her chin, Ryder has a huge scratch on her face, and I busted my lip and nose. All in a days fun, right?! We had a blast and wish Andy could have stayed home with us today!

He got up and went to work just after 7. It was hysterical watching him try to clean his truck off.



Here are some pictures from our day!

FullSizeRender IMG_2732 2 IMG_2738 image1


Of course even though I told them 1290398232398 times to make sure to go potty before we got all our clothes on I had one little tootie who did not heed my warning.

So my choice was either climb several flights of stairs and get the entire apartment dirty …


Why not just use to potty in the car?! This has provided relief (har har) when we’ve needed it more times than I could’ve even hoped for.



Happy Snow Day!

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