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how to rock a tutu {written by Rory}

Yesterday morning Rory decided she wasn’t wearing tutus EVERYDAY anymore. I pretty much was hysterically sad over this declaration. I thought about it all day. She’s been wearing tutus every single day pretty much for two years. So I decided to question her last night and figure out what was going on. She said, “Mom. I’m growing up. I’m getting bigger. Some of my tutus are baby tutus so I need to wear other clothes that are IN now.”


I went to bed with a heavy heart last night because my sweet girl is declaring that tutus aren’t “IN” anymore.

Let me let y’all in on a little secret…. though we have fought over her clothing choices some, her wearing tutus is probably my most favorite thing in the entire world. She rarely completely matches but it always goes together. It takes any ordinary outfit up about 100000 (princess) notches. So the thought of her not wearing tutus anymore… I CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE IT.

When Rory woke up this morning and chose a tutu my heart sang many lovely tunes. I was so relieved. SO RELIEVED.


It occurred to me that Rory is very deliberate about every decision she makes, so why not ask her how she chooses her tutus.


Me: Rory- you rock that tutu today girlfriend! How did you choose that tutu? And how do you know you are rocking it?


Mom. This is easy.

First you have to pick out a shirt.

Then some shorts or pants to go under the tutu because we don’t want our panties to show.

You put the pants and the shirt on first.

Then you pick out a tutu that matches… or sometimes it doesn’t have to match but it has to GO with the shirt.

You gotta pull up the tutu all the way and make sure it goes OVER the shirt. I always wear my shirt tucked into my tutu. It is fancier that way, you know.

But then you have to TWIRL and make sure it twirls big and twirls right. If it doesn’t I have to pick out a better twirler.

You put your shoes on and you are ready to ROCK in your tutu!

Love, Princess Rockstar Rory

And there you have it, folks. Rory’s first fashion blog post. Ha!


Sweet Rory, I hope you always rock whatever you want to wear (as long as it is modest, of course!). I hope you never lose your sense of unique style. I hope you are always so proud of your outfit choices even if they aren’t “the norm”. Everyone who sees you in your tutus delights in them. Let your light shine, sweet girl. You certainly make my every day so much brighter.

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