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hey babe

Today’s been one of those days. Rory was up at 3am and never went back to sleep.

Instead she learned how to whistle and did so from 3:00 until Andy’s alarm went off at 5:20.

And if Rory wakes up at 3, so does mommy. Because heaven forbid she let someone else get some sleep even though she refuses to.

Ryder now sleeps through the night and it’s wonderful. Well, it’d be more wonderful if Rory did. But Ryder wants to sleep 7 pm to 7 am and if she gets woken up before she lets EVERYONE know how unhappy she is about it.

So, naturally, Rory woke her up at 5:30.

I had two grumpy, tired babies and after dealing with that for 3 hrs I decided we HAD to immediately vacate the house for sanity purposes only.

So off to Sherman we went to go to heaven on earth, Target. The kids slept the entire way there and the silence was BLISSFUL. And thanks to their naps, they actually were wonderful while out shopping. We went to ChikFilA for lunch and I let Rory play for about an hour and a half. We would’ve stayed lounger but a kid (like 9 yrs old) punched Rory right in the eye because, well, she just felt like it. Yes that’s a direct quote. So I left because I really didn’t want to get in a fight with the mom since she refused to watch her kid.

Ok sorry for that tangent there….

We had a good weekend of just catching up with laundry and church.

There’s always so much cuteness on Sundays.

You know, that stinker of mine named Rory seems to be getter smarter by the day. In fact, I’m afraid she’s going to be smarter than me by age 5. But, have you met her father? I’m totally not surprised because she absolutely inherited his engineer mind.

Girlfriend has my social personality and Andy’s engineer brain…. that’s a scary combination, y’all.


Lately Rory has been picking up on everything we say, and as I’ve told you, that can be scary!

The funniest thing that she’s picked up on is something Andy says…

You see, Andy NEVER calls me by my name at home. He always says “babe”. When he needs me for something he calls, “hey babe!” until I come or answer. When I’m upset he says, “what’s wrong babe?” or something like that. And if I’m mad/upset with HIM (which of course never happens… Ha!) he says, “babe… babe it’s ok… babe don’t be mad at me” with that begging tone, if you know what I mean.

So Rory has picked up on it. If she wants me she no longer calls “MOMMY!” anymore. Instead she yells, “hey babe! Babe! ‘mere babe!”. And even better, if I’m upset with her she says, “babe…. babe. baaabe….”.

I must admit that it’s hysterical. And it’s gotten her out of trouble. She’s such a mess.

Last night we were in the car and I was a little peeved at Andy about nothing important and Rory calls from the backseat, “say sorry to babe, daddy!”. Haha! We’ve been getting SO TICKLED about it.


Sent to embarrass you and make you completely and utterly CRAZY.

And sent to make you laugh so hard you can (temporarily) forget about the many, many sleepless nights.


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2 thoughts on “hey babe

  1. Tiffany, that is hilarious! I can totally picture Rory calling you “babe”. Love it! I’m praying your sleepless nights come to an end very soon! 🙂

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