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here we go again

Andy and I enjoy moving and starting new adventures. We’ve done it a lot so I’m guessing its a good thing we’ve enjoyed it, ha! The one thing that IS hard though- actually its THE hardest thing about moving- is finding a new church. So here we go again on the Great Church Hunt.

I’ve been brought up as a pastor’s child so I realize I’m extremely picky. Andy points this out everytime we go to church and afterwards I say things like “I wish they did this or that like my Dad”. Yes, I know its wrong. Yes, I know my Dad is a super star preacher and its extremely hard to find someone as amazing as he is. Yes, I realize I’m a little biased to my awesome dad. Yes, I have to just get over it and learn to enjoy other pastors and churches and not compare. I mean, come one, I’ve been out of my dad’s church for almost six years- you’d think I’d be over it by now! But everytime we move and start looking for churches the same thing happens and I start to compare. Even though its wrong. I’m trying to change, I really am.

Let me tell you something though. Even though we didn’t really like the church we went to this past Sunday, I realized how nice it was to leave Rory in the nursery. I know, I know. Call me a bad mom, I don’t even care! We have ZERO babysitters here and when we left her with three grandmothers in the nursery it was wonderful. We went into the sanctuary and sat down in the pew and both sighed and just relaxed. Andy put his arm around me and said, “Well, this is kinda like a date.” HA! How pathetic are we?! It was fantastic to sit for an hour and a half (yes it was long.) and not have to worry one bit about her crying in church or about the quality of care. Sigh. Just Wonderful.

Here is me and Rory all ready for church- her dress is way too short for church but she had to wear that dress before she grew out of it! 🙂

sorry its the best picture we got- she was busy looking at the ceiling fan

In other news- the wallpaper in the kitchen is GONE! What’s that?! Y’all want a picture of the pink hearts so that you can cringe a little???

Goodbye pink hearts and pink plaid! This next weekend we’re going to be painting and I am SO ready. Next week I’ll reveal the new kitchen! We’re also painting the living room and office, but we aren’t doing those until the kitchen is completely done.

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