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After an agonizing wait, I’m sure, I am back and better than ever thanks to my new MacBook Pro. WOOT! I’m so excited I could squeal. But then I’d wake the kid up and LORD HAVE MERCY DON’T WAKE THAT KID UP!

Ryder was a little sickly this weekend which, to me, was bad, but that had NOTHING on the sickliness of Rory that came down upon us.

She got in our bed in the middle of the night on Sunday night and was burning up. I gave her a fever reducer and then we snuggled together. She slept hard and then woke up hotter than ever around 7 am. From there she proceeded to vomit a few times and after getting all that loveliness cleaned up, I check her temperature and it was a whopping 104.5. I almost panicked! Rory never runs fever so this was a huge shock. Ryder wakes up and is feeling back to her old self again BUT did not understand at all why in the world I couldn’t be holding her nonstop as per usual. So, I called her school and asked if I could drop her in for the day because I knew that taking a very, very sick Rory and a stinker Ryder to the doctor by myself would be my version of hell on earth.

We headed to the doctor after dropping Ryder off and Rory was SO SWEET. She just wanted to lay on the cold, uncomfortable table and sleep while we waited for the doctor. She would say, “K, mom, I go sleep here. You go sit chair over there.” and then she’d close her eyes and pass out. Every time the doctor or nurse would come in she’d sit straight up and try to open her eyes (but they would barely crack open) and say, “hi, my name Rory- you make a me all better now?”.

Strep test came out negative, but they still think that is what she had because of the way her throat looked and the high fever and vomiting when it spiked.

So they gave her some meds, which included Zofran to help with the nausea. Let me tell y’all something, girlfriend has inherited my medicine taking abilities apparently because I didn’t even give her the amount it says (I gave almost half just in case she had a bad reaction) and she has been hallucinating or something. She keeps trying to grab something she says is on her toe but there is nothing there????

So she is currently passed out in her bed and I’m playing around with my new computer.

Have I mentioned how excited I am about it???

No more crashing and deleting of things.

No more taking FOR-EV-ER to boot up.

Hallelujah and Amen.


Rory spent most of the day yesterday like this:

And when Rory went to bed Ryder kept trying to get up on the couch. When I finally let her up on it she decided she wanted to be pitiful and sick too. And then she would giggle a lot. Ha! What a mess!

So that has been our week in a nutshell.

Alright, well the hallucinating toddler has woken up.

I will return tomorrow with a post about Ryder’s one year cardiologist appointment and other various things we have been up to.



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