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hello, again!

Why, hello!

Its been a while since I’ve updated the ol’ blog, but we have been out of town and crazy busy!

 Rory’s school year ended! She had a great year and learned so much. They had an end of the year program and she sang her little heart out. It was SO CUTE.

Here’s the video I got on my phone- sorry its not the best quality, but I don’t have time to upload the better version right now! (Rory is in the very center!)

 We went to TN for Memorial Weekend!

We spent the first part of the weekend with my family. It was so great to be together. I haven’t seen them in so long!

We went to Papa’s church

and did a lot of swinging…

and rode the “tractor” A WHOLE LOT (like, starting at 6:00 am!).

Then we made our way to the river (TN river) to see Andy’s family!

Rory LOVED every second on the boat. She loved the beach and riding the tube for the first time too!

She conquered the castle!

As for Ryder… well she’s been her usual happy, crazy self. She loved every minute of being in TN too!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend as well!

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