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heart walk, fish fry, and paybacks

Its been a crazy weekend!

Where do I even begin??

All last week we were busy with playdates, doctor appointments, and mother’s day out days.

Then on Thursday night my friends asked if I wanted to do the heart walk in town on Saturday. I had no idea it was that day, but was excited to get to do it!

Then my friends decided to make shirts for us…

and y’all. I may or may not have ugly cried when they decided on the design…

Here we are ready for the walk- Misty and Peyton, Kayla and Emma, and me with Ryder and Rory- I am so thankful for these friends. They’ve been amazing to me this year!

Rory was super excited too!

Both girls had a nasty cold so I’m going to get cute pictures of them in their shirts once their noses aren’t nasty 24/7.

After the heart walk we went to our Sunday School department’s fish fry! It was such a fun time. I can’t tell you how blessed I am to be apart of this group of people. They, too, have been such amazing friends to me this year and since we’ve been going there. We had a wonderful time getting to socialize and laugh together.

Speaking of laughing…

Let me tell you about my pastor. Here he is with his sweet, lovely wife Deanne-

Now, remember, I said SHE was sweet.

A few weeks ago, this pastor of mine came up to me after church and half-whispers, “Hey, is that your breath or did you just fart?”

Then he starts giggling and I’m trying not to puke from being ABSOLUTELY mortified. He says there’s some YouTube video out there about this (google it if you’re curious) and thats where he got it from.

He thought he was so hilarious.

But apparently he didn’t know me as well as he thought he did.

Because everyone knows I’m going to get you back if you prank me.

So I got him back.

And I have laughed until it hurt about it.

You can ask Cassidy and Lori about it- they witnessed my giggling fits.

I walked around ALL DAY LONG with a giant goober grin on my face that day.

So there’s two things to learn from this:

1) Don’t mess with me unless you can take a payback.

2) I’m now in constant fear when I’m at church because our church is televised and I know that heifer pastor of mine is going to be cruel and call me out during one of the televised services.

But that’s ok. I’m one of those people who can dish it AND take it.

Happy Monday!

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3 thoughts on “heart walk, fish fry, and paybacks

  1. I love the shirts! So happy you have wonderful friends! And I just cannot believe you did that to your Pastor! Honestly! A Pastor, where did you learn to do that?!?

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