Happy You’re A Failure Day


Y’all I am going to be really honest with you….

I hate Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s to me is National You’re A Failure Day.

No, but really.

Honestly, the whole day makes me irrationally angry.

Yesterday I was taking the girls to school and saw some of the most OUTRAGEOUSLY OVER THE TOP valentines and I threw up in my mouth a little.

I mean, seriously?! Seriously with the handmade monstrosities?!

Now I know some of you have the love language of stamping and scrapbooking and ALL OF THE CRAFTING and I’m not trying to hate on you….

But maybe if you could not flaunt your awesomeness so much and make the rest of us look like BIG OLE FAILURES?! K thanks.

Seriously though. I bought the $1 valentines at the Walmart and CALLED IT A DAY. My children are two and four. They just want to see a princess and a treat. They could care less how it is made or bought. I let THEM pick out their valentine cards at the store and THEY DELIGHTED IN THEM.

Then I get on the facebooks and the Instagram and Y’ALL ARE KILLING ME with your Pinterest Award Winning valentines.


In fact, I was so angry after logging onto Instagram and then taking the kids to school that I fell on the ice in the parking lot because I was angry walking so hard.

True story, y’all…. TRUE STORY.

I have great friends who are these women who go ABOVE IT ALL for Valentine’s Day and I love them dearly… but I also want to punch them in the face for making me look so bad. HA!

And let’s talk about the SHOW EVERYONE HOW PERFECT YOUR RELATIONSHIP portion of this National You’re A Failure Day.

Valentine’s Day is a made up day. I do think that guys should kiss their wives and tell them they love them and get some flowers (because seriously once a year is not going to kill you) and tell you that they would never want another Valentine.

And the women should shave their legs and their armpits and well, I feel like you are getting the picture here.

But really with ALL OF THE HUGE GIFTS?!

Let’s get real here.

Just because you get a good gift on Valentine’s Day does not mean you have the best relationship ever.

(I posted this on Andy’s wall today and I mean it with all my heart!)



All these pictures of all of the gifts and all of the love are making me gag.

I love Andy so much it hurts but sweet mercy, it is VALENTINE’S DAY I do not expect him to suddenly change into the man only movies portray and give me diamonds and a car and a vacation to the moon.

THAT IS SETTING US UP FOR FAILURE. Every single woman out there that a) doesn’t have a Valentine for one reason or another or b) hates her Valentine right now because SOMETIMES THAT IS REAL LIFE is feeling like a big fat failure because of all the love fests going on.


For the record, I’m not angrily typing this because Andy just happened to forget it was Valentine’s day and didn’t get me anything so I’m bitter. He actually got me some flowers that are so pretty and I feel so loved.

But he has also been working hard at making me feel loved more than just this one day. And to be honest with you, we had a crazy week and we were both NOT SO FUN to be around and not so nice to each other. So if I flaunted my flowers and all of the lovefest then that would be a big fat lie because it HAS NOT been a love fest this week.

So women who aren’t PINTEREST OF THE YEAR moms and aren’t loving your Valentine so much today- YOU ARE NOT ALONE. In fact, despite what Facebook and social media might tell you today, YOU ARE THE MAJORITY.


The only thing that makes Valentine’s Day bearable now in my life are little girls with matching dresses. That is all I need.

PS- Rory in the first picture has made me laugh all day. We had a long night and well, she was having a hard time this morning with her attitude. Guess V-Day isn’t her holiday either 🙂


1601031_10101020523689406_1367824962_nAlso- if you need some encouragement today, read this post by Jen Hatmaker. –

Happy You’re A Failure Day, y’all! Hope you can punch a wall or the air or something today to let out all your frustrations on the stupid people of social media!





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3 thoughts on “Happy You’re A Failure Day

  1. Ha! I’m with you…I honestly avoided checking into Facebook very much ’cause I knew what happens with my crazy emotions. Looking at everyone’s “perfect” marriage is crazy. Just crazy. We all have our struggles. And we all (mostly) still love our spouses. =) My husband was happy with the cottage cheese from the grocery store that he got for Valentine’s. Really. He requested it. Simple pleasures, people, simple pleasures.

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