happy new year

Well since Andy went back to work on Wednesday, the kids and I have just bummed around the house in our PJs. We’ve watched movies, played, and rested. Mainly, we’ve played “kitchen” and Rory’s served up some amazing meals! Then I put a little soapy water in her sink to entertain her while I tried to feed Ryder and oh man, it was the highlight of her life!

Since we’ve moved the table into the playroom, Jackson has decided its his table and stands on it peering at the pesky squirrels in his yard all day long.

Oh, and we’ve been to the doctor three times this week.

Poor Ryder has been miserable. On Tuesday she screamed, without stopping, from 2-11:45pm. It was such a hard day for everyone.

I got in with the doctor I’ve been trying to see for quite a while yesterday, and he listened to me and is sending her to a GI specialist at Medical City Children’s Hospital- the same place she had heart surgery.

Also, some of you may have already noticed (especially in above pictures) but Rory is having some eye issues. We think her muscle isn’t tight enough so her eye can’t focus right and so it goes in. We are taking her to a pediatric eye specialist soon and going to see if she needs a procedure to tighten that muscle.

Man. This year has been such a rollercoaster. Just when I think things have finally settled down something comes up.

But everyone has struggles in their life and they come in all shapes and forms. Our struggle for now is our kids.

Of course, I wouldn’t trade a single day or single struggle with these precious girls for anything in the world.

Bring on 2012! We’re ready for a new year, for new experiences, and for new fun with our girls!

The things that will remain the same in 2012- God’s unfailing love for us, God’s strength that carries us through every struggle, God’s mercy when we have such joyous times amongst are hardest days, and God’s grace that wipes away the sins of the days when we forget that He’s carrying us through and act like we haven’t received any love or help from Him. Oh, thank You for Your grace…. its the one thing I need every single day.

Happy New Year, y’all!

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3 thoughts on “happy new year

  1. I did notice Rory’s eye, Elizabeth had the same thing about her age. We went to Mobile to a pediatric eye surgeon and he did whatever they do with a patch, which she took off everytime we put it on. She was supposed to wear it two hours twice a day. I think she got abouy 5 minutes when we could catch her and put it on. Anyway she is doing fine now. Since she went to Sylvan learning center she is doing great in school. She was exempt from all her end of simester tests and got an A on math for the first time ever!!! She was so proud of herself. Me too. I hope the new Dr will take better care of Ryder than the old one. I’m so glad you finally got him to see you. I’m anxious to see what the GI guy says. Keep us posted! Love you all

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