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Happy June!

I thought about doing a Wordless Wednesday…

but I have too much to say!

My first topic of discussion is the safety of Ryder.

You see…

I’m getting concerned about how Rory will handle her.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t decide to carry her around.


Let’s talk about the fact that Rory is determined.


Today I put Jackson and Jersey out and about ten minutes later Rory starts banging on the door and starts screaming.

And I do mean SCREAMING.

Apparently my wonderful idea of putting the swimming pool on the deck backfired. Jackson was helping himself to playtime in her swimming pool

And sister was not happy.

So she screamed for the next 10 minutes while I readied myself and her to go out for a little swim. (I mean… how dare I put a bathing suit on her much less sunscreen?!)

Once we got out there fun was had by everyone. It was especially fun for Jackson and Rory though… they are such BFF’s now.

Poor Rory doesn’t always understand that she is not a dog.

Oh well.

Mostly she just lounged and watched Jackson play. She laughed her little cute booty off at him for a good 30 minutes.

Right after I took the above shot of that cute little booty,

I took the below shot mid-fall.

Pretty impressive, huh?!

Don’t worry I’m okay. But it took me quite a while to get up.

I am rather slow these days.

So anyway. Its in the mid to high 90’s here already on this first day of June.

I guess summer has officially hit Texas.

And I’m stinking hot.

Happy June!

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4 thoughts on “Happy June!

  1. Oh My! She will do find she’ll probably be a little mother hen. Sadie did great with Bradie except she put an M&M in her mouth right after she came home she was sharing.

  2. When we brought Alea home from the hospital, we placed the carseat in the living room floor while we went out to get more stuff out of the car. In the short time it took me to walk back in, Taylor had turned the carseat upside down and was trying to figure out how to unbuckle her. She survived, and so has Baylee.

  3. They do look like they are having fun!! I am certain that both Rory and Ryder will survive, on the other hand mom and dad may not.

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