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Happy 6th Anniversary!

Its hard to believe that SIX years ago we were at the church getting married! What a wonderful/crazy day it was! I only wish I would have had time to enjoy it more.

Here we are on our anniversary trip last year in Dallas

Just two lovebirds with no responsibilities other than a job and keeping up a home.

Now we’re a family of three and oh how life has changed!

Last night we went to dinner with friends and I kept looking over at Andy and we would wink at eachother and smile. Sitting next to him makes my heart swell up with pride. All I could think was: HE is MY man! He’s winking at ME!

I want to be sitting next to him for the rest of my life winking and smiling. I’m so thankful for him and the man he has become. We have grown up together in a lot of ways because we were married so young. Thank you God for allowing us to grow together instead of apart. I love him more everyday. He is my soul mate, my partner in crime, my very best friend.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Happy 6th Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe its been 6 years either……and I’m still glad you married Andy and not that other dude I thought you were engaged to 🙂 That still makes me laugh!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! It will be 39 years this July for your Dad and I. Each year our love grows stronger. I am so happy you and Andy have that same relationship. Love you guys.

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