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Happy 3rd Birthday, Ryder!

Three years ago today Ryder came along and completely rocked our world in the scariest and best ways possible. From the minute we found out we were having her up until now we have been hit with one surprise or shock after another.


God has been so good to us and has let this little girl grow and thrive despite everything she has been through. We couldn’t possibly be more thankful for the things He has done for her and for us in these past three years.

At three, Ryder is a total MESS. She has been giving me a run for my money in the last few weeks and we are having to relearn some basics about obedience and being respectful. Gotta love a three year old, right?!


Rory and Ryder still adore each other and I love that. They also fight like cats and dogs, but most of all they love each other fiercely.

Most of their fights stem from Ryder being a complete aggravator. That’s right. She can’t help herself. She is the aggravating queen around here. She gets much joy out of it!


Ryder still sleeps pretty great and is a great eater. She actually usually eats me out of house and home. She still LOVES sausage and chicken nuggets. She would eat those two things alone for the rest of her life, I believe. She also LOVES sautéed onions. I mean, the child devours them when we get fajitas at the Mexican restaurant. She’s not a huge veggie eater, but she does try everything at least once.

One thing I love about my girls is that they are SO different. Rory is very compassionate while Ryder is very level headed. They are going to make a great team! Ryder is very rational and easy to compromise with. She is carefree but not adventurous, she is a bit fearful of heights. She wants to be in control of any kind of movement (swing, wagon ride, etc) – she doesn’t like feeling out of control.

She is most certainly the class clown/family clown. She makes us laugh all day long with her facial expressions alone. She is very quick witted and quite the prankster and jokester already.


Ryder loves Barbies so much. She has a wild imagination. She can make up a story like nobody’s business and she loves to pretend with her Barbies. She gets VERY dramatic and it is hilarious. I feel like if anyone in life could make a successful actress, it would be Ryder (and I say that in a good way). She isn’t dramatic when she’s really hurt or in pain or sick. She’s just very theatrical in how she tells stories and sings. But. If she gets hot, you better forget it because girlfriend’s “WEGS WON’T WORK”.

And yes, it is true, you are so your mother’s daughter.


When Ryder was so sick, a lot of the doctors told us she would probably be delayed and that she would always be about six months or so behind. Well. That is so not the case. She is right on par with everything. AND the potty fairy came last night (don’t judge me) and brought panties and books and M&M’s. So I’m sure we will be potty trained in no time. (Please, Lord, have mercy on me and let it be so!)


Happy Birthday, Ryder! Daddy, Rory, and I love you so much!


Sweet Ryder,

I couldn’t be more thankful for your little life. I have been so amazed by our God and by your strength during your life. It seems like every year we have some sort of obstacle that arises and I do hope for one year without any worries. But if I didn’t have these times of worry for you, I wouldn’t have ever learned how to rely solely on God to lead us through and depend on Him to work miracles in our lives. 

Nothing could have ever prepared me for the love I feel for you and your sister. I love you both so completely, it is hard to believe I have room for all this love in me. 

You are so precious to me. Your smile could light up the darkest room. I love how you make everyone laugh. Your tiny voice is so sweet.  I can’t imagine my life without your giddiness and your joyous spirit. You are such delight to your dad and I, and everyone else you meet. 

I can’t wait to see what this year holds for you. Three is such a big number! I cannot believe how quickly it has come. 

I love you my sweet sunshine. Forever and always.


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