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Life has been busy the past few days and I’ve been trying to get into my new groove.

Over the weekend I was quite grumpy with Andy at random times and the sight of him was just ticking me off.

He had done NOTHING to make me mad. I even got some free time this weekend.

I knew I was being irrational but couldn’t figure out WHY I WAS SO ANGRY WITH HIM.

Then it hit me.

I’m hangry.

Hangry = hunger induced anger.

He was still eating the same ole stuff while I was having salads and other various health food and I realized that for some reason I was so mad at him about the whole thing subconsciously.

Women are quite hard to deal with after all.

We get mad at you and WE HAVE NO IDEA WHY, which is totally rational.

So, after my revelation, I tried to be less hangry with Andy.

I’ll let you know if this continues or if the hanger takes over again.


In the midst of the New Years/Christmas stuff, Ryder turned 18 months old.

How? Why? How?

I seriously can’t believe it!

I will do a more formal 18 Month post if I ever get some good pictures of her. That’ll be my goal for the week.

I did get a little video of her talking, though!

Because of the crazy flu outbreak this year, Rory’s Christmas program ended up being rescheduled to yesterday. I was so glad because we thought we missed it while on the cruise!

Rory’s class were little bunnies! They were SO cute!


I got two videos of the program- Rory is on the front right most of the time. Hope you can find her!

Hope you liked the videos! Happy Wednesday!

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4 thoughts on “hangry.

  1. Seriously is it possible Ryder is that big?! She is the cutest and I LOVED all of the videos. The little bunnies were so so cute!

    Miss you friend & I love being able to follow the blog!

  2. Holy WORDS for Ryder! I am so impressed by her vocab AND sitting still for that long. Ha! Amazing!

    I understand the Hunger anger. I totally get it. I think once you hit day 10…it should get easier. 🙂

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