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Halloween 2011

Its a couple of days late, but wanted to post about our Halloween!

I’ve been so excited for this Halloween because I knew Rory would get to participate for the first time. And let me tell you, she LOVED it.

We started off by painting pumpkins at home! Rory had a blast. She cracked me up watching what Andy was doing and mimicking him. They are so much alike it is scary!

Girlfriend is a HAM.

Ryder was cute and happy painting pumpkins too! And if you can’t tell- she makes the funniest faces and LOVES to blow bubbles and “talk” now.

“Really, Mom, thats enough.”

On Saturday night we went out our church’s Fall Festival! Rory had an absolute blast.

We dressed the girls as the Princess and the Pea. It was a big hit!

These pictures are so funny because Ryder is all happy and snuggled up and Rory absolutely refused to look at camera or sister.

Rory loved getting to do all the games and activities. I can’t believe how big she is!

our little Halloween family

Squirt (Ryder’s new nickname) slept the whole time.

And one of Rory’s friends was there- Grady! She is so funny with him. She acts like he’s a baby like Ryder and loves to hug and kiss on him. Grady DOES NOT appreciate it most of the time. HAHA!

On Monday night I took the girls Trick or Treating downtown. It was so neat. A lot of the shops sat outside and gave out candy. This is yet another reason why I really love Paris.

I was able to get the girls’ pictures taken in their outfits. I am in love with these pictures.

And here’s a little Stinker update(s) for you:

1) I put Ryder on her playmat so I could get ready to go somewhere. I passed through living room and she was in a different position on her mat and had moved quite a bit. I thought this was odd but we were running late so I went about my business. I come back through the living room to find Rory dragging Ryder across the living room by her feet and both girls were belly laughing out of sheer delight. Oh. Dear.

2) Ryder has now tasted fruit loops, a pretzel, juice, and a Hershey bar. Don’t ask.

3) Ryder has also had her teeth brushed.Thank the Lord it was with a new toothbrush.

4) Rory was playing with playdoh and Ryder was asleep in her crib. Well Ryder woke up so I went to get her and came back to Rory and no playdoh. I’m 99.9999% sure she ate it. This is my life.

These girls are getting to be more fun by the day. They are interacting so much and Rory is loving that “sister” talks back to her now.

And by the looks of these faces, I think I am going to be in big trouble soon.

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