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grand plans, junk food, and Valentine’s

I had all these grand plans for consistently blogging while I was here in TN…

like for instance, taking Valentine’s Day pictures the day before we left.

Well, friends, I uploaded those pictures on my computer at home and then cleared my SD card to have room for everything for the trip.

Which is smart, you know, if I had brought my desktop along with me.

Anyways, we’ve been having a blast seeing friends and family, and most of all partying for Rory’s birthday! Its been a good week but we are all exhausted since NEITHER OF MY CHILDREN want to sleep anymore. Honestly, I just don’t understand why I was tortured blessed with these children that do not sleep.

Dear Lord, I love my sleep. Can’t I get some kids who love sleep too? Amen.

Rory’s been having tons of fun getting away with murder with the grandparents. And also getting to eat things like potato chips, nutty bars, and let’s not forget the coke she drank. She’s going to be sad when she gets back home! ha!

Andy left a Valentine’s present for Rory before he left for his work trip. She absolutely loved it. She “read” the card over and over and loved her bear and chocolate kisses. And THEN the slinky came out. Y’ALL. Best dollar spent ever. They both are obsessed with it. Rory decided to play a game where she gave one end to Ryder and then backed way up and then Ryder would let go. It was hysterical. Ryder laughed so hard she literally flopped on her face.

So here are your 3 days late (unofficial) Valentine’s pictures. Rory sat and cheesed for me for a minute and then her and Ryder just acted silly when I tried getting their pictures together. Seriously, they are just little butts. And I love them dearly.

I will do a couple posts next week all about Rory’s birthday parties! Tasha’s family will get to TN tonight and so all the sisters and their kids will be together tomorrow and I cannot wait! Hope you have a great weekend!





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2 thoughts on “grand plans, junk food, and Valentine’s

  1. Glad to see you blogging again FINALLY! I can’t believe how different your girls look, just like my girls! Who would have ever thought they were sisters. My girls never slept well at grandparents’, especially the eldest. And she STILL doesn’t! The best part about it is they sleep alot when they get back home if you can survive until then…

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