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Girls Trip to NYC 2014

About 6 or so months ago a group of friends were texting and joking around about how we needed a break and would love to go on a girls trip.

This seemed far fetched because how on earth could we possibly manage to get FIVE husbands to agree to let all the wives go on a trip to NYC at the same time?!!!!!!!!!

Basically the trick is to be married to the best husbands on earth. *shameless mushy plug*

We hopped the first flight Thursday morning. To say we were giddy would be the understatement of the century. I’m pretty sure we said, “OH MY GOSHHHH I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING,” 230923023 times.


I ended up next to Trace Adkins in the security line. It was so not fair because my phone was in my purse going through the scanner.

I may or may not have stared weirdly as he took his belt off.

He said, “how are you today?” in THAT VOICE and I pretty much went to into 15 year old melt on the ground mode. WHY IS HIS VOICE SO …. sexy? (I cannot believe I’m saying this on my blog.) After we had our clothes back on – HAHAHAHAHAHAH- meaning from TSA craziness, I tried so hard to rush and get a picture with him. But I couldn’t get my phone in time and I wasn’t about to run to another terminal and bother him. So here is your picture:


Unfortunately I apparently used all my celeb sightings on him. In the Nashville airport. Sigh.

Ahem. Back to the trip.

After a crowded ride on the NJ transit, we arrived in NYC. It was a drizzly day, but still beautiful. Two of the girls, Rachel and Jinny, hadn’t been to the city yet and I don’t think I will ever forget turning around to see their faces react to seeing the buildings the first time. It was absolutely priceless.

I’m going to break this up into days. This will probably be a long post because I just don’t want to forget anything. So, you were warned. Another disclaimer- these are all cell phone pics. Which look much better with Instagram filters and I don’t have time to do all that. Don’t judge the quality.

Day 1: Pizza, One World Trade Center, WTC Memorials, St Paul’s Cathedral, Century 21, Republic, ABC Kitchen.

Our first meal was pizza because, hello, NYC!

IMG_3563 IMG_3566_2

After the best pizza ever* at John’s Pizzeria at Time Square (the Margherita pizza is where it is at, y’all), we headed downtown.

(*I still think Lombardi’s in Little Italy is the best pizza on earth, but John’s was delicious too.)


First we stopped at the “Little Chapel That Stood” or St Paul’s Chapel. Apparently it is the time of year where they repair all of the churches in NYC. I was so disappointed because of all the scaffolding that blocked the beautiful little church.

IMG_3579_2 IMG_3581_2_2

Probably one of the most significant things we have experienced happened on the first day. We went down to see the new WTC and to see the memorials. As we were standing there in awe of the beautiful water memorial, a man walked up. I saw him walking by the names, glancing at them… and then just as he was about to walk by it caught his eye- a certain name. Jean Destrehan Roger.

We couldn’t take our eyes off of him. He stood there tracing the name with his fingers. His expression was a mixture of happiness and sadness. There was a sad smirk on his face as he stood over the name. We all stood there crying. It was one of those things that was so hard to watch, as he clearly loved the person behind the name, but it was impossible to look away.


Jinny took this beautiful picture and we all cried when we saw it.


One World Trade Center is insanely impressive. I lack the words to even express it properly. It was cloudy and we couldn’t see anywhere near the top. And in the middle of these massive downtown buildings there are beautiful trees that border these gorgeous memorials. It was truly breathtaking.

IMG_3577_3 IMG_3588_2_2 IMG_3597_2 IMG_3598 IMG_3600_2We headed over to Century 21 to try and detox our emotions and Y’ALL. I have always been such a huge C21 LOVER and I don’t know what has happened since the last time I was there but IT IS NOT THE SAME. Everything was so expensive. It was insanely crowded. I couldn’t even handle it. It isn’t the same C21 I fell in love with years ago.

That night we headed to Chelsea for drinks and dinner. We went to a bar/restaurant called Republic before our dinner reservations AT TEN PM, and it was such a good place! The food looked delicious and I fully plan to go eat there next time I am in NY.

IMG_3608_2We headed over to ABC Kitchen for dinner. Y’all. Y’ALLLLLL. First of all, you need to book a month in advance for a table. So just FYI.

Secondly, BEST MEAL OF MY LIFE. No but seriously. I decided to go all out and get the lobster. One of the best decisions ever. It was AMAZING. I got the salted mashed potatoes as a side and, also, best decision of my life. I literally almost licked the bowl. And my plate. DEAR MERCY it was so good. The apple orchard martini was so delicious too.

IMG_3612_2 IMG_3614 IMG_3617_3

Basically, if you go to NYC you MUST go to ABC Kitchen. You will not regret it.

Day 2: Chinatown, Little Italy, Katz’s Deli, Broadway, Times Square.

Just short of seeing NYC for the first time, the next best thing for someone to experience in the city is Chinatown. It is the most hilarious and crazy place ever. I feel like I can’t even describe the lengths these people go to just to get us a fake Louis. Watching someone experience it for the first time is pretty priceless. I’m glad you got your bag, Jinny!

IMG_3619_2 IMG_3620

After Chinatown we roamed little Italy and NoLita and who knows where else looking for a cheesesteak place that had 4 stars. We walked about 20 miles to discover that it was closed. SO WRONG. Luckily Katz’s deli (famous from When Harry Met Sally) was on the same block. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS.

IMG_3621_2 IMG_3622 IMG_3623 IMG_3626_3 IMG_3643_2 IMG_3630 IMG_3635_2 IMG_3642_2

We went to Times Square and got in line at the TKTS booth for tickets for Broadway. Doesn’t the guy in the back look happy?


We got all dolled up to go see Chicago. I mean. FANCY.

IMG_3658_2 IMG_3661_2

So. Chicago was extremely disappointing. We all had seen the movie and loved it. So we figured the musical would be 100% better. So here’s the deal. The stage stayed exactly the same the entire musical. There were no costume changes, no props, nothing. The singing was good, yes. But we all expected so much more out of such a long-running, highly praised musical.

Even so, jazz hands are totally addicting.

IMG_3669 IMG_3676

We stumbled into an Italian restaurant off times square and it was … eh. The waiter was a jerk face. That’s all I can say about it. Ha.

Day 3: Mood, Rockefeller, 5th Ave, Central Park, Picklebacks

Saturday started off with a trip to Mood from Project Runway. Jinny was in heaven!

IMG_3679_2_2 IMG_3680_2

Then we headed up to Rockefeller, 5th Ave, Central Park, etc.

It was really neat to see the tree at Rockefeller being put up! We had no idea how much went into it. On the side you could see tons of branches waiting to be put in to fill it up.


And here we go again with the scaffolding at all the churches in NY. I was so sad they didn’t get to see St Patrick’s without it. There was even scaffolding all over the inside of the church. It was so frustrating to me!

IMG_3699_2_2 IMG_3700_2 IMG_3707_3

Obligatory Tiffany in front of Tiffany’s picture:


We spent some time in FAO Schwarz and then grabbed some lunch and headed to Central Park to eat and see some of the park. It was so stinkin’ cold Saturday so we didn’t spend too much time but it was seriously so insanely beautiful. I’ve never been to NY in the fall and it was absolutely the prettiest I’ve ever seen it.

We had a lunch buddy and I wanted to put him in my pocket he was so cute.


We also saw some people filming and we ran into the actors at a coffee shop and asked what they were filming and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the film. It is an independent rom-com if I’m remembering correctly.

IMG_3733 IMG_3749_2

I’m telling you- NY is so gorgeous in the fall!

IMG_3751_2 IMG_3902_2 IMG_3763_2 IMG_3766 IMG_3772_2_2



Some of the girls went shopping and some went back to the hotel after Central Park. My feet were KILLING me and I was so dang tired (and also running low on the moneys) so I went back to the hotel. But we saw Macy’s with the beginnings of their Christmas decorations. This “believe” on the side of the building made me all teary-eyed and excited for Christmas!


For dinner we ended up splitting up and going to two different places. Emily and I were really wanting some good Thai food so we headed to Peak Thai on 49th and 2nd Ave (they don’t have a website so I gave you the address!). It was SO DANG GOOD. The place is small and intimate so this isn’t a place to bring 20 friends, but a great date night.

Which is basically what Emily and I had, a great date night- HA!


We asked two different people to take our picture. They both were not great photographers. Ha!

IMG_3798_2 IMG_3813_2_2

We met back up and went to a little bar after dinner and ended up at an SEC meetup. Unfortunately it wasn’t any of our teams but it was still fun to see other SEC lovers in the city.

After they left a group of about 30 young Koreans came in. They looked 12. For reals. But apparently they were 22. They were so precious and young. We had to leave because we just couldn’t chill next to tiny infant babies.

One of the highlights of the trip was watching one of the guys from the group go to lean on what HE thought was a wall but was in fact a curtain…

and he literally flew across the place he fell so hard. I mean, he seriously committed to leaning on that faux wall. I still cannot stop laughing about it. It was a really fun night! This picture cracks me up every time I see it.


*picklebacks not pictured*

Sunday we slept in and got everything packed up and ready to head home. We were all ready to see our kids and so tired from all we packed into our time.

We headed down to Chelsea Market first. I’m so glad we did too because that place was seriously amazing. Next time I’m going to dedicate several hours to the market for sure. I would mark it as a must do for a trip to NY.

IMG_3843 IMG_3840 IMG_3837 IMG_3845_2_2


We went downtown after the market to the Financial District. We saw Wall Street and the bull.

Now listen.

This was my first time seeing The Bull. Want to know what it looks like in real life?!


That’s right, folks, it is COVERED with people so much so that you can’t even see it. Jinny had to fight off several people to get a picture with it.

IMG_3862 IMG_3866_2_2

Note: more scaffolding.

IMG_3871We were so burnt out by the time we made it back to the hotel that we decided, after some convincing from the bellman, to cram into a standard car taxi to go to the airport. Oh yes we did. It was a clown car up in there. The driver was hilarious. Actually, we took a grand total of only 4 taxis the entire time we were there and all of the cab drivers were so fun and sweet. Being southern, we obviously talked their ears off. We learned that one was NOT a baseball fan, another was moving back to Haiti with his wife of 30 years and 6 kids after being away for 20 years, and the last one had a strong opinion about Chinese drivers. IMG_3880Y’all. As I was recapping I wanted to cry that the trip was over. I had the best time and hope we can make this girls trip a yearly thing. It was a dream of a long weekend. NYC is the PERFECT girls trip for anyone looking for a place to go with girlfriends!

Thanks for such a great weekend Emily, Jinny, Rachel and Alexis!



I thought I would end this with a few little tips about heading to NYC if you haven’t been before:

– PLAN AHEAD. It is so important to get reservations made a month in advance (or more for some places) and to plan your days out. The only thing we didn’t do well was planning our meals. Next time we will have all the meals nailed down before we go. Go to Open Table to make your reservations!

– Immediately get a metro card. The subway can seem scary, but it is THE BEST. Seriously, my favorite thing about NY is the subway. Download the CityMapper app on your phone and it tells you EXACTLY how to get everywhere. From walking to the nearest subway, to which train to get on, and then walking to your destination after getting off the train. Sometimes you have a little trial and error, but you can always hop on another train at the next stop. Don’t waste money on cabs, people! The subways system is AMAZING.

– If you aren’t sure which way to go on the street, ASK. Us southerners have heard crazy, UNTRUE things about New Yorkers. We never had a person act rude to us when we asked for directions. Now, I wouldn’t ask too much because that would be silly since you have a phone that can tell you, but sometimes our phones would act weird and I just needed to go one block over but I wasn’t sure which way. So I always asked someone and it saved a lot of time and extra walking.


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