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girls trip and the church show-off.

We just had such a great weekend that I was so sad it had to come to an end last night.

Saturday Amber and I went down and met Erin for a day of shopping – IKEA and the Lenox Square mall- in Atlanta. We had the best time. IKEA is the best place on earth I’m pretty sure. I can’t quite put into words the love I have for that place, that little corner of heaven on earth. Then we decided to head over to the mall because we were FREE and had no one TOUCHING US and we could BROWSE and not CHASE anyone. It was the best day ever.


And then.


Amber and I were on our way back from Atlanta and I saw these outlet malls. So I said “hey look there is Coach, i just want to run in there real quick…”.

We walk in and everything in the store was HALF OFF.


So then I end up finding the purse I’ve been on a mad search for and it was like practically FREE (or not) because HALF OFF.



I went to get my phone out of my purse and my zipper broke. MY ZIPPER BROKE ON MY PURSE IN THE STORE WHERE MY DREAM PURSE WAS. So I finally call Andy and convince him with promises I can’t even talk about and HELLLLOOOOOOOOOO LOVER he said YES.


photo 2

I mean. What kind of amazingness is that?! It couldn’t have gone better for me.

As you know, I have a girls trip coming up in Nov to NYC and this bag is completely perfect for the trip. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for.


Then there was Sunday.

We slept past 7 as a family because while the children going to bed around 9 makes me insane they are actually sleeping on most days to 7. Which is a miracle and has never happened before.

We got ready and headed to try out a new church. We dropped Ryder off in the 3 year old room and were told Rory would come in with us until after the music was over. When the choir came down, the kids were to go to the side door and they would be led out.

Rory knew the plan.

She saw the door.

She was prepared.

Then it came time….

Rory sees all the kids and the door but instead she walks up on stage and walks across the stage waving at the crowd. Andy and I were waving at her to get down but also paralyzed because this was a new church and not one soul knew us and it just seemed like we couldn’t do much about it.

So she just marches and waves at everyone with a big grin on her face like, “HELLO I AM RORY AND I WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD, PEOPLE! You should know me because, BELIEVE ME, you WILL love me.”

Andy and I didn’t stop laughing the entire day.

I mean is that not typical of our life? Because why not, right?!

I’m literally laughing out loud as I type this.

I immediately went online to see if they had a live stream type thing so we could record it somehow. I’m so sad they didn’t. It would’ve been the best video ever.

They did look super precious yesterday so at least there’s that.

1623707_10101304910785386_3261080891992298254_nHappy Monday! Hope you have a fantastic week!



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