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I woke up today feeling kind of blue and lonely. This week marks our year anniversary of moving here and I’m just having so many mixed feelings and emotions for some reason. I absolutely love it here and have made some wonderful friends, but for some reason I just woke up feeling like I miss my old friends and my old town(s). But its not just the few friends we had in Louisiana… I miss SOOO badly our wonderful friends that I still talk to all the time from Starkville and our wonderful friends we’ve kept in touch with from TN. I guess all the moves have just caught up with me today, I don’t know. Or its probably also the raging hormones… ???

ANYWAYS! I wanted to get out of my “funk” and so I decided we’d take a short trip to Sherman and go to Old Navy and Target. I mean… Target will put ANY girl in a good mood, right?!!!!!

So off we went! Rory slept the whole way there and I will be honest and say that I just drove in silence with my thoughts and prayed a lot. I probably cried 3/4 of the drive- ha! (they were happy/sad/overwhelmed/happy tears though, so its not all bad!!! ha)

When we got there we went straight to Target. Rory woke up in the best mood and I was so glad. I got to browse and take my time while she said “hi” in her own way to every.single.person. in the store. It was hilarious!

Well since she was being so good I decided I’d browse the toy aisle and get her something really little to play with on the ride home/in the stores. I found these Little People sets for $5 so I decided to get one of those. OH. MY. WORD. The child squealed so loud when I handed it to her that people stopped and laughed. It was hysterical! She then hugged the toy (still in the package!) and proceeded to show every.single.person. in the store her new toy. I swear it was one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever seen. She was so proud of her little toy! And she did the same thing in Old Navy too. And in Chik-Fil-A. haha!

(so, if any family is looking for a bday gift- go to the Little People link and there are some of the products so you can see what I’m talking about! She LOVES them!)

Here she is in the parking lot, still admiring her toy:

She’s currently playing in the living room and I’m watching her talk to the little dogs and girl that came in the set of three.

I am so glad I went today. It just changed my mood and was completely worth the hour drive just for that moment!

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  1. Don’t ever feel bad for missing family and friends! Just count your current blessings when you start to feel a little down. Plus, a good cry always helps. (I’m talking to myself here, too!) 🙂

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