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Fun Friday

Today started off with a bang- my first bout with morning sickness! Woohoo! When I was pregnant with Rory pretty much the only thing I ate the entire pregnancy was fruit. I ate it all day and all night. Well this morning Rory and I were sharing some fresh fruit for breakfast when it hit me and I had to run for it!

I know you wanted to hear that right off the bat. Thought I’d get it out of the way. HA!

After all of that craziness I headed out to our November MOPS meeting! We had some new faces and it was great. I loved being able to talk to other moms and have real conversation with someone older than four.  After the meeting I went to lunch with a sweet friend, Angela, and it was so much fun!

We made spaghetti for dinner tonight and we gave some to Rory. She’s off of baby food now and onto solids. She loved it!

first couple of bites she wasn’t too sure

hey, whatever works!

such a stinker

grinning at her Daddy

Okay and for the big finale….

At dinner Rory was saying “dog” and “dada” and we were pointing at Andy saying “dada”. Then I put my hand on my chest and said “momma” and plain as day she said “momma” back. HALLELUJAH! She doesn’t call me “dog” anymore! (That is until I pointed at myself again… HA!)

Andy is playing with her as I’m typing this and she’s loving it. He started saying “ball” to her at the ball in her hand and she said “ba” like four times! So fun!

These are the days that I just treasure being a mom. I am so blessed.

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3 thoughts on “Fun Friday

  1. She is cute eating her spaghettti. You will have to try Chicken and Dumplings and she how she like them. Just a few more days!!!!!!!!!!!!

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