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Friday Four: Things I LOVE About Our New House

I’m just starting this whole blog topic thing, so of course I’m still copying from my friend Amber on this one too. She does a Friday Four and I look forward to reading it every week. I’m going to switch between Friday Fours and Friday Faves different weeks. But! I’m going to start with a Friday Four- Things I LOVE About Our New Home. Now I adored our last house. It was small but quaint and so homey. I loved how we decorated it and it was a wonderful first home. When we bought the house, which was 3 bed/1 bath, we were not thinking of having a baby in that house. We just weren’t. Never crossed our minds. So when we found out that we were expecting we realized how tiny the house was, ha! Mainly it was the one bath thing. That was a hassle. And our laundry was outside in the carport. Oh and might I add that it was tiny so after my belly grew enough at 5 months pregnant I could no longer get into the laundry room to get the clothes in and out of the dryer??? So needless to say, we had a list of things we weren’t going to “settle” on when we realized we’d be purchasing a house a mere 8 months later. So here’s my Friday Four!

1. Laundry Room!: Our laundry room is inside, big, and organized (well it will be as soon as I can get everything else in the house organized.) All of these things would be wonderful enough, but I also got a brand spankin’ new washer and dryer. And let me tell you- they are FABULOUS. They even sing a little sweet tune when they are done instead of the gosh awful buzzers. I am now officially spoiled as far as laundry goes! šŸ™‚

2. Two bathrooms!: I never knew how hard it was to have just one bathroom until we only had one bathroom. Especially when pregnant… you know what I mean. Constant trips to the bathroom and you just cannot wait on anyone else to get done. There were some close calls, that’s all I’m saying… haha! The best part of our two bathrooms is that the guest bathroom in our new house is actually the same size as our ONLY bathroom in the last house. We feel like we’re living in uber luxury right now! The master bath is, get this!, IN the master bedroom and has his/her sinks and storage galore! Oh how marvelous!

3. CLOSETS!: I cannot stress to you how wonderful our closet space is in this house. We have a walk in closet in our room and in the other two rooms. Thats right, Rory has her very own walk in closet (and I sense she’s going to need it! hehe)! We also have a huge coat closet, a huge pantry, and a huge linen closet. I finally feel organized again! In our last house we had three total closets and were all teeny tiny, so I am very thankful for abundant storage now!

4. Office space!: In our new home we have a “breakfast nook” and a formal dining area. We have only a small round table and it fits perfectly into the breakfast area, so we are able to use the formal dining area as an office/game room. We have our desktop computer in there, a bookshelf of all our board games, and most of the video gaming devices that Andy “collects”. This is so nice because there are not 5972654 shelves, games, wires – {read CLUTTER} – in our living room. When Rory comes it will also be a bit of a “play room” that houses some of her toys in bins. When you have a nerd husband living in your home that loves electronics of all kinds, it is so nice to have a designated office space for his junk toys. šŸ™‚

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1 thought on “Friday Four: Things I LOVE About Our New House

  1. Your house is truly a home. It is beautiful and I can’t believe you have it all decorated after having just moved in and having Rory. I know all of you will make some wonderful memories in Reno.

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