Rory Eve

Friday Finds

This morning I left Rory with Andy and headed off to the semi-annual Paris consignment sale. I got there right as the doors were opening and was the first person to the 18 month clothes. I was so excited that I got to go through it all right away because I found some of the cutest dresses and outfits for summer!

I got 8 dresses, 3 shorts, 1 capri pant, 3 bathing suits and 1 adorable dress for Ryder… for $40! I thought that was a great deal. None of it looks worn at all and the dresses are just too cute to handle!

This afternoon I decided to put Rory in one of the bathing suits that I got her.

Now. Here’s the deal. I have always said that I didn’t want my girls wearing bikinis as kids because sometimes I think they are WAY too grown up. But I saw this one two piece and could not resist. COULD NOT. ha! And of course she looks absolutely adorable in it!

As you can tell, she totally loved every second of being in that bathing suit! (Probably because she felt like she was naked, ha!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. We’re having a sale here in Pineville next week, and I am putting in some piece just so that I can go shop before the public does. šŸ™‚ Rory’s ponytail just makes the outfit!

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