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My genius husband figured out how to get internet from my phone onto my computer and its been wonderful while at the temporary home. Its about as slow as dial up though, ha!, so the days where I have had to come into Paris I’ve bummed internet from Hastings coffee shop. Its amazing how spoiled I am!

Andy has had a great first week of work. He seems to really be enjoying it- but as you all know my husband is not a man of many words. So how I know that he is enjoying it is by the fact that he’s talked some about the people he works with and told me a little about his day (this is huge okay?!). The jobs he’s had in the past and hated he would always come home and be even quieter (if thats possible!) and just play video games to relieve the stress.

In baby news- everything is going great. I’ve dilated a little and been having the same ol’ inconsistent contractions for weeks. I met with my new doctor here in Texas and she was wonderful. What a huge relief and blessing! My doctor in Alexandria was so amazing and I bawled like a baby on my last visit. I just couldn’t fathom going to another doctor because in my mind there would never be anyone who measured up. BUT! God has provided peace once again because my new doctor was wonderful. She took her time talking to me and acted like she was really wanted to get to know me.

Hard to believe but its only 3 1/2 more weeks until little Rory is due! Andy and I are getting so excited to meet her. I’m pretty sure Andy is more prepared than I am for this whole experience. He’s so incredibly cute- every time I have a contraction he says “is it time?” or “do we need to go to the hospital?”. I love it. I can’t imagine going through all of this without him. What a wonderful rock and support he’s been!

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