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Four Months Old!

Hey y’all! I’m back for my monthly post! Its been a great month!

Mommy got a couple of pictures but its getting harder and harder to keep my attention. I’m just too busy looking at everything else!

Then after we got home from our weekend away in Dallas, Daddy helped Mommy take some pictures! He’s much more entertaining than Mommy and I smiled at him the whole time!

oh Daddy, I love you so much!

okay. I’m done with the pictures now.

Now, y’all might be wondering why I am so shiny looking. Well our air went out and its still not fixed and my room is the hottest in the entire house! So I don’t go in there much at all right now.

Here’s a list of things I’m doing now:

  • eating cereal- for real now. Last month I told you I was eating cereal but I decided for a while I didn’t like it. Now I really really love it. I eat so good! I also am drinking six ounce bottles now!
  • I CAN sleep through the night but I don’t anymore. Mommy says I’m teething or going through a growth spurt because I wake up starving and eat a whole bottle at night! Well, except for on the weekends. I think it gets on Mommy’s nerves, but I like to sleep through the night AND sleep late on the weekends. Its Dad’s nights to wake up with me, so I guess that’s why Mom gets frustrated- hehe!
  • I’m reaching and grabbing onto everything now. When I play on my excersaucer, I grab all the toys on it and put them in my mouth. And I eat my hands ALL THE TIME.
  • Kissing is my favorite thing to do. I kiss Dad and Mom, the dogs, and everyone that’ll let me!
  • Playhouse Disney is my favorite. Every morning I watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I laugh and talk to Mickey and all the characters. I love all the colors and songs they sing.
  • I’m rolling over pretty good. And at tummy time I really try and get up on my knees. Mommy says she’s not ready for that yet though!
  • I’m a “supported sitter” now. I sit and hold myself up pretty good for a minute but I put my hands down and can hold myself up with them.

Mommy and Daddy say that I’m the happiest baby on earth. I laugh and smile all the time.

Can’t wait to tell everyone what I’m up to next month!

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5 thoughts on “Four Months Old!

  1. I just love that happy little face. She is growing so fast I can’t believe it. Tell your mom and dad I love them too.

  2. It is amazing how much she looks like Andy in one pic, and then you in others! Can’t wait to see ya’ll next week.

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