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Four Months Old!

I’m Four Months Old!

(Mommy insert: I put this dress on Ryder and didn’t even realize that it was the dress Rory wore for her four month post. Little cuties, makes me sad because Rory is such a big girl now and I know Ryder will be that big before I can blink! Also, looking at that it makes me realize that Ryder is behind Rory on a lot at this age. I can’t help but feel a little defeated. She will catch up though! Do you think they look alike still??)

Sorry, Mommy tried to hijack my post!

I am getting to be such a big girl! I love love love to sit in my bumbo chair that my fairy godmother Erin got us. I will sit in it forever, especially on the floor when Rory is playing around me.

I laugh ALL THE TIME. It was really hard for Mommy to get a good picture today because I was moving and laughing so hard. I can’t help it if I’m funny though!

I am such a good baby. Despite my acid reflux and other “issues” I am easy to care for. All mommy has to do is lay me in my bed at night and I go right to sleep. I’m happy to play in my bed or on my floor mat too. Although, I’m a TOTAL Mommy’s girl right now. There are times in the day where I don’t want anyone but Mommy holding me and no one else can get me settled. I also don’t like to let anyone but mom feed me. Pretty sure she’s exhausted from it though! Maybe I should give her a break??? Nah.

Speaking of sleep- I’m sleeping pretty good! I get up only once every night and sometimes sleep past seven!

I’ve also started “talking” and blowing bubbles all the time! Mommy and Daddy think its so cute how I respond by to them with my little coos and babbles. Rory thinks its hilarious if I squeal out at her and she loves to coo at me too.

I am reaching out and grabbing everything now. I love to pull Mommy’s hair and Rory’s hair. I think its so funny!

Mommy and Daddy think I’m going to be as big of a Stinker as Rory. I don’t know what they are talking about though!

At four months old I…

… weigh 11.1 lbs (lost two ounces)

… wear size 2 diapers

… wear mostly 0-3 month clothes and the occasional 3-6 month outfit

… drink 3-4 oz bottles

… started to sit up a little better with support

Okay! See y’all next month!

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