Harris', Pictures, Rory Eve

football season is here!

Oh, how I long to be in the Junction in Starkville right now!

The food, the friends, the fun…


Even if we aren’t in Starkville today we’ll be watching them play Memphis tonight here at home.

We’re going to raise Rory right – SEC all the way! Hopefully she won’t be brainwashed into a Texas fan, ha! When WE say “UT” we of course mean THE Vols- but they think the Longhorns and it just isn’t right! And their maroon and white means Texas A&M, not MS State… the horror! 🙂

Today we are sporting our Mississippi State gear- all of us wearing our polo’s!

Here is proof that she does, in fact, love her Momma too.

Can’t forget to show y’all the booty (and to show you how hilarious Andy’s face is in this picture!).

Wouldn’t be complete without a matching pacifier, right?!

She’s learning to clap and we caught her mid-clap! We were saying, “Go State, GO STATE!”.

Happy Game Day!

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2 thoughts on “football season is here!

  1. Love the pictures. We missed ya’ll Saturday. We tailgated for over 12 hours (11:30 a.m. til midnight) and the kids had a blast. Sam crashed at 8:30 p.m. in the play-yard and the girls finally laid down on the blanket at 10 p.m. and went to sleep. I can’t wait for ya’ll to come visit and go to a game with us. Miss ya’ll and love ya’ll bunches. Go State!

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