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floor time fun

There are many things I should be doing right now, but instead I will procrastinate. Well, the fact that I’ve done something to my back doesn’t help on the “getting things done” thing either. I’m pretty sure I pulled something because I’m constantly lugging her and the carseat around everywhere- and that ain’t no joke, my friends! Girlfriend is heavy!

Baby girl is all over the place these days. She rolls and then straightens herself out and rolls some more. Occasionally she’ll belly flop forward a couple of times, but that tends to make her mad. She’s loving playing on the floor and the dogs are so excited too now that she’s moving. They want to play with her and her toys. Its super cute!

happy girl
I love that little smirk!

oh that thumb
I caught you, Jackson! Drop the lion!
he's keeping his eye on it

My favorite thing about her floor play time is that she’ll play and then she’ll get tired so she’ll lay down and relax for a bit, then pick back up and play some more! Its so sweet.

Best buds!

Apparently the “sniff for approval” method works for babies too. Rory obviously didn’t mind. ha!

Yesterday little stinker made it into the kitchen while I went into the next room. Like seriously for a minute max. The dogs came into the room and ran back out and I knew something was up. They are good tattlers on her!

uh oh, I hear Mommy! I think I'm caught!
dogs aren't sure what is happening
love that little booty
looks like a sneaky little face if you ask me!

I have nothing clever or exciting today. We’ve just had a kind of “blah” week around here. Andy’s Friday off is tomorrow and I’m so excited. We’re having a “staycation” this weekend and are determined on Saturday to be extremely lazy and not leave the house. Yes!

P.S. Loved all the response from the video yesterday. I realize Rory will kill me one day for that, but I’ll take it when it comes. And if you thought it was inappropriate, oh well! Its my blog, I can post what I want! ha! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “floor time fun

  1. this is one of my favorite ages!!! also, enjoy the limited mobility while you can–looks like she’ll be crawling before you know it! love her sweet face.

  2. Pretty soon floor time will be all time! Looks like she loves it. I’m glad she has so much room to scoot around. I’d love to squeeze her.

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