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Fixer Friday? : Simple fixes and Kindergarten woes

Y’all, this has been A WEEK. I haven’t even blogged because I kept writing this beautiful blog in my head and well, the ending hasn’t quite happened beautifully yet.

The truth is, we have had a hard week. Rory has a lot to learn about self control and not needing to get vengeance in every situation.

For example: When someone is on your side of the table tapping and getting on your nerves it is not okay to make it stop by gluing his hand to his side of the table.

Also, if someone is hitting you over and over again we should surely go tell the teacher instead of giving them black eye.

Don’t get me wrong, I very much so want both my girls to be strong, independent women who take care of themselves and don’t want them to be picked on because they are timid. BUT… but…. we need some self control up in here. People get on your nerves and make you crazy. That does not mean every single person who bothers you needs to be glued.

So basically this week I’ve been pouring wisdom (ha) into her and praying with her and over her so we can have some better days at school. We have also had some hard consequences like zero tv or screen time and one night of no soccer. I cried just as many tears as she did, but things are looking up. Not perfect, but who/what is?

It is only three weeks in but I’mm already so impressed with Rory’s teacher because while she has high expectations for her students (which I prayed for!) and yet she also knows kids are kids and they mess up. She expects a lot but doesn’t expect perfection. I think that is such a great trait in a Kindergarten teacher. Also, she gives grace. She writes me notes saying, “we will keep working with her and encouraging her because she is a great kid!” Do you even know how much that means to me?!

I haven’t done any major “fixer” to the house this week because of all of that and because my in-laws are coming in town tonight! So basically I’ve just been cleaning and making sure the house is just ready and comfortable for company.

I thought I would share with you this weird thing I was telling you about in our living room. For some reason it was painted the same color as the walls and looked strange. So I slapped on a few coats of shiny white paint and now it looks like it fits in with all the rest of the trim and molding!



The only “major” project I worked was organizing my laundry room because- Y’ALL- it has been a hot mess.

IMG_4504Every day it was making me more of a wreck and I was avoiding laundry at all costs because it was overwhelming me so much to even go in there. So one day I just kinda lost it and tackled this room.

The first thing I did was get every single thing on the floor and on the washer and put it outside the laundry room. Then I swept, mopped and cleaned off the washer/dryer. I needed to see the room clean before adding anything back in it.

I got all my cleaning supplies and put them into this cart from IKEA that I love so much. Now I can wheel it all over the house and it always has all the supplies I need. Winning!




I love this cart in here because it fits perfectly tucked away next to the dryer. I put the things I didn’t need into the cabinets that I sadly cannot reach. #shortpeopleproblems


On the left side of the washer/dryer is a card table and chairs. We had them in the basement but I wanted them closer for easy access. IMG_4505I have been a washing fool since getting this done. Sometimes you just need a clean slate to help you breathe a little better! I do SO much laundry because, hello, have you smelled paper mill clothes?! So having a clean laundry room is essential to my mental health. Ha!

So that’s it. Just cleaning and trying not to lose my mind.

PS: I have lost it, who am I kidding?!

Happy Fixer Friday!





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