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So I pretty much have completely neglected the blog this entire week and I am so sorry about that. Hope you can forgive me. And I still don’t have a cohesive thought in my head so I thought I would link up to the Five on Friday link up and call it a day.



I started working full time this week. I cried like a little baby dropping the girls off on Monday, but it has been a really great week. I love my job so so much and I’m just so thankful God placed me where I am at. It is only a temporary full time position so I will be back to days of never getting out of my pajamas in a few months. Ha!


This post by Jenn Hatmacker made my day. It made me laugh out loud and was so funny I have shared it with all of my office and on the facebooks. I’m SO EXCITED I get to see her in September at dotMom. Oh, and while you are at it- read this end of school year post by her as well. It’ll make you pee your pants a little.


This past weekend I hosted the high school girls from our youth and pretty much had the best weekend ever. It was a throwback theme to the 90s (which BY THE WAY makes me feel so stinkin’ old) and I rocked the scrunchy like it was 1995. Oh yes I did.



I also had a last minute fun drop in from my Aunt Yvette and her husband Peter (so… he would be Uncle Peter but I just call him Peter or Pete… and why am I telling you all this?). They came and cooked a fabulous meal and we had a lot of laughs which is always perfect medicine for long days. I’m just so glad they got to come. My parents and niece, Jacy, came too. (Shout out to Jacy! #youreallyarenttoocoolforme #selfie #stoprollingyoureyes) (side note: Jacy is uber embarrassed of all of us and says stop with the hastags already. #whatever)

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I will now tell you an embarrassing story that happened this week because I know that is what you all are waiting for.

The whole family (Andy, me, girls) went to the Walmarts this week to get a few things for our pool. Well, I walked away for a minute and then returned to Andy talking to someone (ENTER SHOCKED FACE- Andrew was talking to someone?! Say what?!).

Turns out that someone was his boss. So I’m being introduced to ol’ Andrew’s boss and the girls are being so sweet and cute and I was shocked at how non-stinkerish they are being.

I should’ve known better.

So next thing I know Ryder picks up some random object in the cart and yells AT ANDY’S BOSS, “Hey! Wook! I got some panties!!!! See my panties?!”

Y’all. They weren’t even panties. It was arm floaties.


I mean I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants right there in front of Andy’s boss… WHOM I JUST MET FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Oh. We so know how to make an amazing first impression around here.

Poor Andy.

Happy Weekend!




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