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(The Thanksgiving blogs will have to wait because Ryder is FIVE months old and she wanted to tell you all what she’s up to!)

I’m FIVE Months Old!

I am getting to be such a big girl! Can you tell?

Mommy put this dress on me thinking you all would be able to see my fat rolls. Oh well- I promise they are there if you look really hard!

My Aunt Telena got me this dress for Christmas! Its so comfy and cute! I loved wearing it!

Since we have been home from our fun Thanksgiving trip, I have been sleeping so good! I’m still not sleeping through the night, but I am taking better naps in my crib and sleeping longer periods of time. As long as you swaddle me up in my “snuggie” thing, I’m out!

I love to talk. I’ve been cooing and babbling all day. I talk to Rory and the dogs the most, they are so fun to look at! This is how most of the pictures Mommy took looked because I was busy talking to her the whole time!

I’m such a sweet baby. I smile and laugh all the time. Mommy and Daddy can’t decide if I look like Rory or not- what do you think? Click here to see Rory at five months old.

At five months I’m:

– weighing in at 12.8 lbs!

– eating 3 oz bottles (STILL, yes, I know. Oh well, maybe one day we will get her to eat more!)

– wearing 0-3 and some 3-6 months clothes

– wearing a size 2 diaper

– NOT eating baby food. Mommy gave it to me yesterday and it make me throw up A LOT. Guess my tummy isn’t ready!

– playing so well by myself. Mommy lays me on the floor or puts me in the bouncy seat and I will sit and play for a long while. (This is a huge accomplishment for her!)

Can’t wait to tell you what’s happening next month when I’m half a year old!

PS: Happy Birthday Aunt Tasha!


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