Rory Eve


Its funny to me how many “firsts” happen during the baby’s first year. I remember saying “but its her first Easter”, “but its her first Memorial Day”, etc when trying to explain to Andy why I bought a certain outfit. (ha!)

When she turned one I was sad because Valentine’s Day is right after and it wouldn’t be her FIRST anymore, it was her second.

But this week I’ve realized more and more that there are still SO MANY firsts going to happen in her life and we’ve been experiencing them whether she’s 3 months, 8 months, or almost 13 months.

This week for the first time she bit me out of anger. It was shocking for both of us and we both cried (me because I disciplined her, her because its the first time she realized what was happening).

She also escaped out of the house for the first time. We have no idea how in the world it happened but Andy just saw the garage door fling open and heard her laughing and her little feet running. It was SCARY.

This week Rory made me feel guilty about the new baby for the first time. I was pointing to my belly saying “baby” to her (which by the way I have since stopped doing because I realized she may think she can point at anyone’s belly and say that, ha!) and she kept saying “no no”. Then she patted herself on the chest and said, “baby, baby”. I seriously teared up. She was telling me that SHE was the baby.

We have also had a full week now of taking naps in her toddler bed! So far things have gone perfectly. She wakes up so proud to be in her big bed. She will get out of it and play in her room until I come in there. I can hear her talking on the monitor and its so cute. Hopefully by June she will be ready to sleep nights in there too!

Her new favorite thing to do is spin in circles over and over and over until she falls down. She giggles like crazy when doing it and it is hilarious!

She is quite the problem solver, much like her engineer daddy.

And much like her mommy (or so I’m told! ha!), she is quite the ham too.

Can’t wait for more firsts and new things in her life. I can’t wait to see if she stays a perfect balance of free spirit (me) and engineer, type-A (Andy). How wonderful, challenging and amazing parenthood is!

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  1. I celebrated Will’s first, second holiday! Ha! She is getting to be such a big girl – Will loves to point at himself and say “big boy” and then call Thomas a “little boy.” She will do fine (and so will you) after a little period of adjustment 🙂

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