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first snow of 2011

Today we woke up to a “wintry mix” and it quickly became a snowy day! It started really coming down around 9 or so I think and hasn’t stopped since (its 3:30 here now). I’m pretty sure school will be out tomorrow for Paris and surrounding areas. The town in OK where Andy works got way more snow than us so who knows how much they will get!

And of course the first snow of the year happens to also land on the weekend that I am in bed with the flu. Why me?! I’ve been quarantined to our bedroom since Friday after testing positive for the flu at the doctor. Its been absolutely miserable. I thought I was feeling better this morning so I went out and sat on the couch to watch Rory play and I only lasted about 30 minutes before I had to go back to bed. Then Andy got her all bundled up to take her out in the snow so I bundled up as well to take some pictures but we lasted five minutes outside because I just couldn’t stand that long. Pitiful! I’m so thankful for Andy taking such wonderful care of her and letting me rest as much as possible. I guess being pregnant makes it that much harder to get over this nasty mess! Even sitting up in bed to type this is wearing me out- I’ll need a nap soon! ha!

Here are the pictures I got of Rory and Andy in the snow! Enjoy!

Okay so here’s a weird/funny story to end this post:

As I was uploading pictures I kept hearing a weird noise outside our bedroom window. I go to look out and when I plucked the blinds open there was a young male teenager pretty much looking right back at me. Scared me to death! He was collecting snow for a snowball off of our air unit. Well I told Andy so he went to look out at him and when he looked out the kid was walking around just peeing away in the snow! HA HA! He must have heard Andy because he looked over and then ran off really fast.  So our beautiful snow outside our bedroom window is now stained with yellow splatters. Strange, strange kid.

And yes, I know you couldn’t have lived another day without that story. You are welcome.

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5 thoughts on “first snow of 2011

  1. Wonderful pictures. Love that you let her crawl !around in the snow! Get all the rest you can. This stupid flu just wants to hold on

  2. I hate that you are still sick and didn’t get to really enjoy the snow. It started snowing in Starkville around 1:30 and has been snowing off and on ever since. Right now we have a snow/sleet mix. All the schools are closed tomorrow and they girls are so excited about playing in it tomorrow. Get better soon! Love ya!

  3. Oh, I truly hope you feel better soon. I took Steve a full 7 days unfortunately. Rory looks like such a cute snowbunny. Time for snow cream!…..but don’t get it by the air conditioner!

  4. Andy looks like he is enjoying it much more than Rory. It just took her a few minutes to get accustomed! What a little snow angel! Hope you are feeling better soon.

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