First Annual Summer Road Trip

If you would have told me two years ago that I would be able to hop in the car with the girls by myself and drive 5 hours and survive that- I would have laughed in your dang face.

I cannot believe how much easier and more fun each summer is getting. Not that I don’t miss my girls being little, but this is a brand new level of awesome when it comes to parenting.

First stop- Starkville, MS:

When we lived in Starkville as newlyweds, we joined a Sunday School class at First Baptist Starkville – the Newlywed Class to be exact. We met friends that were in the same stage of life (poor, struggling) and clung to each other for encouragement. We have all went our separate ways but kept in touch all these years later. A few months ago my friend Kristen, who now lives in Pennsylvania, told me that their family would be in Starkville for Memorial weekend. So we sent out a group message on facebook to see who all could come and wouldn’t you believe that most were able to make it! So we had ourselves a reunion on Friday night.

Y’all. There are just some people that no matter how long you are away from them when you are back together you realize I FREAKING MISS THESE PEOPLE AND LOVE THEM SOMETHING FIERCE. I was overwhelmed with the way I adore these people several times and even had some tears over it. We sat and talked and laughed until I literally hurt. Our time in Starkville was so sort but so sweet. I cannot wait until next time!IMG_8311 IMG_8268 IMG_8171 IMG_8193 IMG_8201 IMG_8235 IMG_8239 IMG_8241

Second Stop- Pleasant Ridge:

After our potluck reunion, the girls and I loaded back in the car and drove to Pleasant Ridge. My parents have a “little house” (as Ryder calls it) on the land my mom grew up on. When I found out they were going to be spending Memorial Weekend there I just had to go with the girls! To be honest, I didn’t know how Ryder would do for several days in the “crunchy” but they both had an absolute blast. We just sat around “the camp”, talked, ate, talked some more, rode in the ranger around the farm, swam, played in the mud, and took naps. It was the absolute best time.

IMG_8314 IMG_0002 IMG_0026 IMG_0035 IMG_0037IMG_8316IMG_8444IMG_8445IMG_0055

I miss the unplugged, “crunchy” life already!

Third stop- Huntsville, AL:

During the weekend Andy called me and told me our air was out. AGAIN. So I decided to extend our trip one more day because mama can’t handle no hot house, ok? To get home I have to drive through Huntsville and my cousin Brad and his wife Beth live there. They recently moved into a new house and they have a neighborhood pool so- SOLD. We stopped in for the night on Monday and slept like babies. Well, not my babies because they never slept. Anyway. They have such a beautiful home and it was such a nice way to spend our last night on the road trip!

IMG_0062 IMG_0064

Stop 3.5 – Scottsboro, AL:

As we were driving home from Huntsville we were going through Scottsboro and I saw the sign for the Unclaimed Baggage store. I had no idea it was in Scottsboro so when I saw the sign I just had to go check it out! Andy and I have wanted to go for years and he was so jealous that I went. We didn’t have long because I wanted to get back home but it was amazing. The girls brought $10 of their own money on the trip and never spent it so I let them get whatever they wanted with the money. Obviously Ryder decided to choose the giant, creepy doll. IMG_8384 IMG_0073

Stop Four- THE POOL: 

We literally rolled up into Cleveland, put our bathing suits on and grabbed some towels, then headed to the Y! It is finally open for the summer! We have spent every day this week there and it is going to be an awesome summer! I’m so glad we got to kick it off with an amazing road trip! Me and the girls had so much fun and I cannot wait to keep this tradition of doing road trips during Andy’s outage each year together.

Rory practiced all weekend for her big swim test. She had to swim the length of the lap lanes and then tread water for 60 seconds without stopping. Girlfriend was determined and rocked the test! She immediately went to the diving board and did a flip off of it. SISTER GIRL HAS NO FEAR. I’m so excited for the best summer yet!

IMG_0088 IMG_0084FullSizeRender (5)

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  1. I’m Marlyce’s cousin and I just want to tell you I had that doll growing up–she “walks” with you if you hold her hand correctly. Just FYI–that’s not an easy thing to do!! It sounds like a great trip and just one of the joys you find as children get older. Every age has its wonder.

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