finally Friday!

I think this is one of the most well deserved and celebrated end to a week, ever.

But in saying that, I do want to clarify some things from yesterday’s post.

First of all, Ryder is doing just fine. I was just saying it was a terrible Tuesday having to spend literally all day at the doctor and hospital. She cried, no SCREAMED, the entire time they were doing the EKG and chest x-ray and it was just so hard to watch. Ryder does have a small defect but it isn’t anything we are worried about and most likely it is going to clear up on its own.

Second of all, I wasn’t trying to throw a pity party. This is my blog and I was merely documenting our life as usual.

Thirdly, I’m totally okay. Things have been stressful and it has been a very hard and disappointing week but I am so thankful for so many things this week. I feel like there is a reason we aren’t able to get this house and that God is protecting us from something. Or He’s preparing us for something even greater. The house is just a thing and while I am disappointed that we won’t be closer to Andy’s work, I know that its not the end of the world.

So- thank you to all of you who left sweet and encouraging comments. I appreciate them so very much! I actually reread them all several times.

We are celebrating this weekend… celebrating the fact that we can unpack and not live in a mess anymore. Celebrating that we have air again! Celebrating that we can finally put up a baby room for Ryder! And most of all, we are celebrating that God has a plan bigger and better than anything we plan for!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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2 thoughts on “finally Friday!

  1. That is a great attitude. I am disapointed too. I was looking forward to seeing how you made this house look like ya’ll and put your touches on it like you have this one. But like you said God’s plan is the ultimate in perfection and there is no telling what joy awaits you.

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