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Father’s Day Weekend

We have had a super fun Father’s Day weekend! Andy had off on Friday so we’ve had a nice long three day weekend. It has been wonderful!

I’ve said it before, but I can’t say it enough- Andy is THE BEST dad. Ever. He is the perfect Dad for a little girl. She’s got him so wrapped around her finger and they just adore eachother. He’s so good to us and I’m just so thankful for him.

The biggest compliment I can give Andy is that he reminds me so much of how my dad treated me growing up. I had the very best childhood and my dad was my very best buddy. I love that Rory and Andy have that same relationship!

Saturday we decided to let Rory fingerpaint for the first time! It was so fun to see her do it- she’s so serious. I’m not sure who she gets that from, but you might be able to guess after seeing the pictures…

I did it!

Then on Saturday night we got Katie to babysit and went to dinner. We’re pretty sure its the last time we’ll go on a date for a while since Ryder will be here soon. We had a great time talking and eating together.

Afterwards, we went to Petco and got Rory a Beta fish! She LOVES it!

Funny side note: She calls a fish a “bish”… and it sounds exactly like the “b” word. Its hysterical. She kept saying “bish! bish!”. Oh dear.

Today we went to church and I let Andy pick our her outfit… could you tell?! I’m so glad she at least looks cute in camo, ha!

This afternoon my sweet friends, Julie and Stephanie, threw me a diaper shower or “sprinkle” as they called it. It was so fun and I got so many diapers and other great things. I’m so so so thankful for them and for the sweet ladies in my church!

When I got home and unloaded the car, a certain someone decided she needed to check out her sister’s loot. (and so did two other certain someones…)

We also started packing for the big move this weekend. Rory thoroughly enjoyed it!

this is her innocent look…

this is her shocked look…

and a big ole “cheeeeeese”!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

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