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fantastic day

Yesterday was one of those absolutely fantastic days.

Rory woke up so happy. This is not rare, but she was literally laughing when she woke up. She was giggling and “talking” and having a good ole time in her bed.

We snuggled together on the couch for probably an hour and a half and I enjoyed every single second of it. Soon, very soon, she’s not going to be wanting to snuggle anymore so I’m soaking it up while I can!

Then we went to the church because…. drumroll please…

You are looking at the new 2 year old lead teacher at the Mother’s Day Out!

Yay! I am employed!

I’ve been lesson planning and craft planning non-stop. I can’t wait to start!

After the meeting with the director, Rory and I went to WalMart to go grocery shopping. She was such a doll. She laughed, played, talked, blew bubbles and had a great time.

Andy got home and she was so excited. She squealed so loud when she saw him. Melts my heart.

We went over to Stephen and Julie’s house (friends from church) and Andy and the boys went to look at a hunting lease he’s getting in on. He’s so excited to start hunting again. Julie, Rory and I sat in Baby Grady’s room (due in Sept) while Julie organized the room some. Rory sat up playing for 30 to 45 minutes by herself. Big girl!

It was just a great day. Rory was so happy the entire day and we had so much fun together. This post is short and boring to most of you I am sure, but I just wanted to record it. Great days in the middle of the week that aren’t planned are just so wonderful. Its easy to wonder why all days can’t be great, but I know its because if all days were like yesterday I wouldn’t be able to treasure it so much or build my character at all. Testing times are to be praised too and we’ve had plenty of them this year!

So thank you God for the simple, wonderful day I had yesterday and thank you for the many trials we’ve been through in the past year. We know you planned every single one of them so that You could be glorified in our struggles! How awesome You are!

My in-laws are on their way to the house so I’ve got to do some last minute cleaning. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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3 thoughts on “fantastic day

  1. Good for you and your new job. How far away is Rory’s MDO room? She will enjoy being with other babies I’m sure. Love you all.

  2. Congrats…you will be such a wonderful teacher. I am so glad that you had a wonderful day…those are my favorite. Love you lots and miss you tons.

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