Family Beach Trip 2016

I am still in a complete vacation hangover mode today and I don’t know if I (or my house) will ever fully recover.

We did things differently this year for our beach trip- we went with friends and we went somewhere we had never been before. Both were great decisions and we had a stinkin’ blast.

It seemed like it took us a sweet forever to decide on a place to stay that met everyone’s requirements (and by everyone I mean the men) but somehow we found a place in Indian Pass, Florida. Now, let me just tell you- I booked the place and there is nothing more nerve wracking than that when you have two families depending on it being a great place. So when I got there and the house was amazing and the beach was even better I almost sobbed with relief.

Honestly, I hesitate to even tell anyone how amazing this beach/area is because it is such  gem and I don’t want it spoiled by tons of people coming and making it exactly what we all wanted to get away from.

In short, it was absolute paradise in Indian Pass, FL. There was zero cell service and approximately 4 families total on the beach the entire week. IT DOES NOT GET BETTER THAN THAT, Y’ALL. Sam and Andy fished the entire week and I feel like I’ve never seen Andy so happy and relaxed on a vacation EVER. Like, ever ever ever. The seashells were huge and we brought home 20 or so full sand dollars (for which Rory has big craft plans with). We saw sting rays, sharks, and even a bear.IMG_2178 IMG_1648 IMG_1774 IMG_1672 IMG_1691

Katie has a 5 month old and I realized how easy it is for Andy and I now that we have “big kids”. I actually got to read a book and lay out and just watch my people play while relaxing. Katie- you will get there soon! Even dinners were not nearly as bad as I envisioned. Mostly because of the perfectly timed “sure honey you can play on my phone”. Works like a charm.


The week was spent with mornings at the beach, then a swim in the pool, and a rest before dinner. We ate so much seafood and shrimp that by the time we left Andy declared he didn’t want to see a shrimp again for a long time. Ha!

We also did several attempts at beach pictures and honestly I don’t even know where to begin on the disaster of these things. I have a whole blog post about it coming soon. That is how passionate I am about this.

So here are some random beach pictures that are cute-ish…

IMG_0723 IMG_0715 IMG_0737 IMG_7938 IMG_1872 IMG_1871 IMG_1870

But my favorite pictures from the beach are the ones of the kids actually playing and having a great time. Watching them and Andy at the beach having fun is my happy place.

IMG_1642IMG_2181 IMG_1657 IMG_1780 IMG_1910 IMG_2018 IMG_2021 IMG_2011 IMG_2051 IMG_2162 IMG_2139 IMG_2176 IMG_2182IMG_1783

We had an amazing week and can’t wait to go back!

IMG_2217 IMG_2262 IMG_2252 IMG_2220 IMG_2179 IMG_1886 IMG_1929 IMG_1673 IMG_1679

And yes, we did get one good family picture on the beach. But LITERALLY just one.

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