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I was hoping Rory would be completely better by today, but no such luck. She ran some fever again today and has been so pitiful with her little cough. The doctor said that it sounds worse because its finally getting out so hopefully he’s right!

I gave her a bath today and afterwards I put her in her crib so I could clean her room up a little. She was so funny rolling around, playing, talking, etc in it. She was cracking up being in just a diaper in her crib. She’s also been trying to pull up while in there and she’s learned to pull down the bumper to see out.

Since she’s been feeling bad I’ve been trying to put her in warmer clothes, but they are all still big. She’s crawling a lot more and when she has the 6-9 month pants on they always end up coming down while she scoots. Its pretty funny. I’m sure the clothes will fit better with each day since the stinker grows so fast!

It feels so wonderful outside again today! We are going to Dallas this weekend for a much needed little family getaway. I’m hoping it stays fall-like through the weekend! I’m so excited to get out of town and spend some much needed family time together this weekend!

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