Home Sweet Home


We have a saying around our house right now about 99.99999% of things.


Me: “I really want some floating shelves here….”

Andy: “Eventually.”

Me: “I want the entire downstairs to be painted grey.”

Andy: “Eventually.”

Me: “I want a Land Rover/Kate Spade purse/trip to Europe.”

Andy: “Eventually.”


No but seriously. Eventually is like the key word around these parts.

We are too sore and tired to think of doing anything crazy right now. We have 200 boxes in our garage waiting to be unpacked.


I’ve gotten around to sprucing up some rooms the best I can for now, so I thought I’d show you what the house looked like before and what we have done so far.

And eventually I will show you the entire house done.


But it won’t be too terribly long because we have family coming in two weeks so I’m sure this weekend will be filled with projects.

Enjoy our new home that is a beautiful mess and will eventually be a little less messy and have a little less beige.

Things to note- I’m having computer troubles with my computer and have no editing software so these are unedited and not great pics. You’ll have to excuse that. When I post pictures later I promise to have them edited better. Secondly, I forgot to take after pics of some rooms so that’ll be done eventually too. I’m too sore to walk up and down the stairs an extra time.

Front Living room- Before & After:IMG_0424 IMG_0427 IMG_0455 IMG_0457

Kitchen/Dining Before (aka mid move):

IMG_0439 IMG_0440

The kitchen is the only room in the house I plan to completely redo. It is my fixer upper compromise.


Powder Room – Before & After:

IMG_0428 IMG_0444 IMG_0442 It is a version of Tiffany blue. Because I love a cliche.

Bedrooms Before- none of these rooms are completely done but are very close so afters will be soon:

Rory’s room-

IMG_0403 IMG_0405

This was on the wall in Rory’s room and I immediately took it down because I felt it was tempting fate a leeeeeeeettle too much. Am I right?!IMG_0400

Guest room/office:


Ryder’s room- it is a burnt orange and she loves it much to my dismay. Eventually it will be a melon orange.IMG_0407The reason we knew this was our house was because of this next room.

You come down the hallway….IMG_0429Turn to the left and go up the stairs….

IMG_0450And all of a sudden you’re in this unexpected enormous family room. When we looked at the house this took my breath away. I hadn’t seen the master or upstairs yet but knew it was our house at that moment. I even proved my love of cliches by tearing up. I just could see ourselves living in this room as a family. Playing games, watching movies. Pictures can’t do it justice, but I triedish.


IMG_0423 IMG_0421 IMG_0420 IMG_0419 IMG_0418Afterish- eventually there will be a sectional instead of mismatched couches:IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0452

So that is it for now. I am sad because I know these pictures don’t touch what the house actually looks like. Soon I will have it all done and take great pictures.

But that’ll come eventually.

Follow me on Instagram – @tiffanymcharris – for more updates! I posted a picture of my in progress coffee bar yesterday and it isn’t done but I love it already.

Happy Monday!



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